Chapter 6.

I double-check my drawings that I'll show my client tomorrow and grin loving them. He'll only be flying in tonight so I'll see him tomorrow.

I'm really excited for this project and can't wait to get started on this one! The house is over eight thousand square feet and has just been built. Fresh out the oven.

I heard a knock on my door and I groaned, who is disturbing my peace?

Whoever that is is really rough on my door. I walk towards it slowly and peek through the glass and I groan. I open the door a little bit and he pushes himself in.

"Please do come in." Note the sarcasm in my voice.

"What is it with you and running away!?" He raised his voice at me.

"Woah, relax there buddy. We normally start with a 'hi, how are you?' then get to the questions okay. Let's try this again. Besides it's a new day, get over yesterday." 

"Listen here Rina I do not have to get through all the pleasantries when all I'm trying is to be..." I stopped

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