Chapter 7.

"Good morning, Rina right?" A husky voice sends chills down my spine and my ears perk up at the accent. Latin maybe?

"Mr Cortez! What a pleasure." I brought my hand to shake his hand and I obviously had to admire his looks, this man was freaking gorgeous. Beautiful light brown eyes, full pink lips, curly black hair in general admirable features. I was jealous!

"Alex please, you're working on my home." Guh that accent and that smirk is a panty dropper! This man is freaking gorgeous. His fingers are sexy and clean, and let's not even get started on his body! Drop-dead gorgeous

I always thought Latinos were beautiful, he was beautiful. We would have beautiful babies together, heart eyes. You have gorgeous babies with K. Relax! Bitch.

"Ready to see your home?" I asked with a smile, I was genuinely proud of this project and I had a great feeling he would love it! This was the best I've seen my work at, that's what you always say. True, I get excited o

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