Chapter 8.

Today we started on Alex's house and I've been wearing a huge grin the whole time. It's a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun work. We already shopped for the materials yesterday, we being Natasha and I, my assistant.

For a Monday I'm very energetic which is unlikely, but when you doing something you love, you were a smile.

"You ready to get started on the first bathroom?" I smiled cheekily at Tasha. It was the first bathroom of many and we were going deep ocean blue with this one, Alex said he loved dark colours so we were working with colours that would set a dark but calm mood. My kind of style.

"If we want to at least finish 3 today we better get started." She chuckled and we began. Alright measure, cement, tile, look. That was the systematic approach we took and we would grin at each other when we were done.

"You hungry?" I ask Tasha when we were done with the first bathroom, was a load of work considering this bathroom was big, but not as big as

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