Chapter 10.

It's been three days! I repeat three days since K has been in his father role with the children and every day I come back home to a messy, loud and busy place. Every single day!

Currently, I was standing in the master bedroom telling the guys how I want them to place the lights and what type of lights, what I love about my team is that even when I'm not making sense they understand.

I stood there watching them but my mind wasn't here with them, I was thinking about Tuesday when I finally introduced K to his children.

"So, you ready?" He asked me after I called them to come down from their rooms. For some reason my hands were sweaty and I was hella nervous! I don't understand why.

"Yeah sure." They came down with grins on their faces which made me wonder what they were up to. "Sit down please." My voice came out a bit squeaky.

K and I sat in front of them on the coffee table and I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to find two pairs of K's eyes l

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