Chapter 12.

I'm sad. Actually I feel betrayed, I really thought that she would stay but she left to go to whoever this Alex is. 

I pull up my briefs and walk around her house, might as well do something around here. My mind immediately runs to that closet that the kids and I stashed our stuff.

I love them so much, the amount of joy they're able to emit out of me is crazy! I'm obviously a kid all over again when I'm with them, the amount of fun we have together is awesome and I think I'm spoiling them way too much but the point is we have fun together.

Only if Rina could see how I am with them, but every time she comes back she's either stressed out or exhausted or both. Then she becomes grumpy and moody and sleeps the rest of the day and only wakes up when I'm about to leave.

Maybe she's just avoiding me, who knows... I finish cleaning the closet and packing the stuff properly, I make a mental note to build an extra storage cabinet. She'll probably get all pisse

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