Chapter 13.

Have you ever woken up in such an abrupt manner as if you were being chased by someone? Well, that's how I woke up, I even hit my hand with the side table next to my bed. Ouch... something so weird must have happened last night because I'm naked, in my bed. I never sleep naked...stark naked that is.

"Ah, so you up." K gets in without a shirt and a tray of food in his hands.

"My head aches. What happened last night?" I asked him as I drank the pills, "and why am I naked?"

"You don't remember love? We had so much fun last night." He said with his sexy smirk.

"What kind of fun?" I was trying so hard to remember but ended up giving myself an even much worse headache than the one I have.

"The kind grown-ups engage in. I have to say you were pretty wild last night. I didn't know you liked that sort of stuff baby girl." He came so close to my face and took a bite off the pancake I had in my hand and hummed in satisfaction.

"You fucking with me righ

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