Chapter 15.

"Just so you know, I'm staying forever this time." He whispered in my ear as we went to get food, "and I will pick you up tomorrow night." He smirked.

"Show off!" I snarled at him and he laughed.

"You should be happy! You got my car and I got my date." He kissed the side of my head and I pouted.

"Don't expect me to wear fancy and shit." I said and he squeezed my waist.

"Don't be sad just because you lost." 

"You guys cheated!" Khuli accused and Khaili and K laughed.

"You guys are just angry we better dancers than you two." 

"It's okay Khuli, you get an extra milkshake from me." I said and K gasped.

"And you Khaili get two more." He said and I shook my head no.

"That's too much sugar for her. One for you too Khaili. Don't turn our kids against each other." I whispered to K. 

"You started it." 

"You did. Now let's eat. You paying." I opened the menu and smiled.

"I've literally been

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