Chapter 17.

I groan as I walk down the stairs clutching onto my stomach, I fucking hate periods, hate them! I also hate how whenever my periods come I'm sick and I've got important shit to do, and it just slows me down.

I enter the kitchen and open my fridge checking on what I can eat, I want chocolate...lots of it. Another thing I hate is the cravings that come, for one I really don't like chocolate, the bars but I don't mind cakes and milkshakes and stuff like that but here I am crying in front of the fridge for it.

My phone rings on the counter and I turn to look at it, I answer it sniffing out a hello.


"Rina are you okay?"  

Just hearing his voice makes me cry much more than I was, fucking hormones.


"Baby, what's wrong?"

I sob into the phone, he called me 'baby'. This is pathetic, damn you mother nature!

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