Forty Three

Eallric felt relieved that the soldiers that had come to meet him and Lene at the NCU TV station didn't pursue his Peugeot 404 because there was almost no way his car would have been able to outrace theirs and also, he was running out of gas.

As he drove, his eyes shifted from the asphalt he raced on to the side mirrors - to know if they were being chased, to Lene Woodye. She was barely breathing and blood pumped out of her skin like an uncontrollable tap, and got her cloth drenched. What sucked the most, though, was that there were no hospitals or clinics anywhere. 

After about fifteen minutes, he walked out defeated. He didn't find as much as a needle. The hospital was gradually closing down even before the crisis which had befallen them did

As they passed by Fontanna Grounds, Eallric parked his car close to a ruin that one would have thought is ancient Athens. Not more than three bricks were in their right place. On the othe

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