Forty Four

As the days went by with more blood shed, Sir. Oswic was finding it more difficult keeping Ingfalls safe alone and all his efforts were almost negligible.

He knew - because he saw, that the government sent soldiers in troops and batches to face tyronimics. The first sets of soldier were the lab rats, the experimental pigs, the scape goats whose lives ended quicker than the the snap of fingers. The soldiers proved to the government - and the world that they or others couldn't handle the tyronimics.

As each day passed, it was a matter of time before he knew that he'll have to go back on his promise to himself and Inspector Eallric of the Police Department, Ingfalls. He'd promised that he wasn't going to involve Gerey in the battle against the tyronimics - to keep him safe. But what happens when they all perish - Gerey included?

And that was why on that fateful afternoon which happened to be the day Eallric went with Lene to

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