Forty Five

Gerey's eyes swung to and fro at an accelerated pace as he tried to soak up and make sense of where he was, with his hand which was still interlocked with Sir. Oswic's.

The sun which Sir. Oswic remembered to be dim when he'd come with Eallric and a few of the others that made up the Chanber of Duties, was almost completely extinguished but for a small spark that glistened and stood out amongst the gloomy sky like gold out of cheap brass.

Jeyrin who wasn't surprised by his world carried on with the reason they'd come whilst speaking vital words the duo needed.

“The same way you have a president is the same way we have a leader. We have cities, and towns. Villages and metropolises, but there is no reason why you both should see those places. They're just like here, blood drenched and empty.” Jeyrin started.

Even Sir. Oswic was taken by surprise by the piece of information he'd just recei

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