Forty Seven

Gerey, Sir. Oswic and Jeyrin slowly entered the unpleasant building which made them feel like a million spiders - each larger than the size of an average man's palm, was crawling on their faces. 

Inside the builing was a long hallway whose end wasn't visible from the entrance where they stood. Lit torches on each side of the rugged wall that was to their left and right, drew out and down the empty hallway, casting their very own shadows to the torpid ground like mats. 

It truly was a mysterious place but what did they expect when they were going into the devil's home?

“From Eallric's memory,” Sir. Oswic whispered, testing the level of echo of the dim, mystifying hallway. After a few seconds when his voice echoed back with a hush - meaning that the unlit hallway wasn't one that had enough properties to reverberate, Sir. Oswic continued, “There's a casement through which Eallric saw Mr. Wadsev and maybe the others. They migh

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