Forty Nine

Gerey Wysalt – and Jeyrin who was leading him, continued through dark passages that had nothing but dim torches fastened to the sides of the wall.

As stupid as it sounded, they were most likely going to their deaths – and they both knew this, but Gerey planned on protecting himself and Jeyrin as much as after he could, and that's why with every step that the duo took, Gerey's eyes swung left and right in absolute alacrity, ready to burn-to-ashes, anyone that stood in his way. 

Jeyrin turned right – into another hallway; Gerey with him, and at the far end of it, both of them saw white, feathery, soft and velvety smoke that moved slowly – in quite an hallucinating way, dance out of a room.

They couldn't see the insides of the room for the snowy fog was quite thick and that only made Gerey more anxious.

“That's the chamber.” Jeyrin whispered to Gerey. He was evidently filled with fright and it could be easily deci

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