Maybe if Eallric Hancey had arrived at his home with Lene Woodye – the NCU TV reporter, and the essential tools and medicines needed as much as fifteen earlier than he did, Gerey Wysalt wouldn't be in his room, clipping his black three pieced suit together with shiny cufflinks in one arm – then the other, and Aunt Brione, putting on a black gown that reached below her knee – hugging her frame. Maybe they wouldn't be headed towards  Gravy Cray Burial Spot to pay their final wishes, but...


Black umbrellas were raised in the air to keep them dry as the sky turned cloudy, as if weeping the demise of ‘rainbow lady’, too, and easing the digging of the ground where her casket was to be buried for life.

At the very front of them all, with salty tears dropping out of his brown eyes was Rawerd Woodye, Lene's brother who had applied to got to the Police College at Seymour Point, it wasn't hard knowing him if you'd known his sister.

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