Volume II: Girls be like

Volume II: Girls be like

"Stop!" Luis Park halted her lips. *Chuckles*  Min-ah smiled. Then she arranged her seat. 'How can they know something like this! So mature!' He thought. Then he arranged himself too. However, there was something on his lap. He looked slowly. "Eh..." He doesn't know what to say. "What are you doing!" He shouted as far as she can hear.

"Your rich and handsome. I don't want to live uneasily. I want a better life. And I saw you can be my husband someday." Min-ah explained. "How can you say that? I am poor and have nothing." He said to her. "No, why did you gave those pen then?" She asked. "It's free. So that's why." He explained. "Hmm...I see. You want to be the mouse and be the strongest dragon then. I think?" She said.

"Nah, keep dreaming." He said. However, she smiled again. "Don't worry. I'll wait." She said. "Okay." He replied. Then another teacher came in.  "Hel

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