Volume II: Chapter 13: Lan Sung

Volume II: Chapter 13: Lan Sung

"You—" The girls didn't know what to say. "How rich are you?" Nana asked. "I'm not rich" He denied. "You are rich! How come you bought this fast! Are you a diamond user of Haneng 5 star hotel?!!" Nana shouted. "No... I don't have but—" "You are lying to us!" Nana shouted before he said. 'This!!' He didn't know what to say.

That however stopped by Min-ah. "I'll eat this before you finish your lovely talk," Min-ah said and grab the box. "You—" Nana hissed. "That is ours!" Nana shouted. "Yours? Nah... This is my husband's meal. How can it be you? And you..." Min-ah said then looked at her twin. "Min-ah!" Min-Jae looked at her fiercely.

"Stop it you three. I'm hungry!" He yelled. That, however, called all the students in the canteen. "Shut— up—" The students who saw the boy shouted lowly before they gazed. "Handsome..." They uttered for he was a very handsome youth!

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