Volume II: Chapter 14: Yameteeee!

Volume II: Chapter 14: Yameteeee!

Lan Sung can only pray. "I love you brother." He told to himself. Then jumped in joy. He can't still accept that he owned the card of the best brand! "I live for you! Haneng! Top no. 1 brand in the whole universe!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted.

On the ground, the students heard. They look atop and saw this crazy bastard. "Crazy!!!" They called. However, he doesn't care he kept shouting and shouting until his throat sores. "Haha haha haha!" He turned crazy. The effects of having that card will surely make you crazy. "Fucking life! Fuck this earth! I am a billionaire now!" He told to himself.

Then he runs downwards. He can't wait to use the card which Luis Park gave him. Upon his way, he saw his God! "Master!!!" He shouted. "Master?" The students who see him called looked. And so, Luis Park heard him. He looked back and saw him running.

"Eh??!" Dodge! He dodges Lan Sung wit

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