Volume II: Chapter 15: He's fucking rich man!

Volume II: Chapter 15: He's fucking rich man!

Then Luis Park, Lan Sung, and the rest fled away. "Haha!" Lan Sung squinted his eyes while looking at the building. 'My brother is fucking rich!' He thought. He can't believe he chooses the right master. Of course, his card he kept in in his brief! 'Hehe!' He smiled as if the world is his.

However, Luis Park did not like money or so. 'This is past. I will forget everything. I won't remember them again or see them again.' He thought. He just looked at the girls. "Suzy." He said. That, however, two Suzy looked at him.

"Yes?" They both called him. "You!" Both of the girls stared at each other. "Stop it, girls!" He said. "Hmph!" Both of them shifted. "Eh..." He can't say so. 'This...' He didn't know who among them is Suzy. He knows it was Min-Jae. However, this Min-ah was her also.

"Master?" Lan Sung called. "Yes, my disciple?" He asked Lan Sung. "Is this yours? He

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