Volume II: Chapter 16: The Immortal Mansion

Volume II: Chapter 16: The Immortal Mansion

And so they run! What fun they have!

Nana, Min-Jae, and Min-ah walk slowly. However, Lan Sung ran while jumping. When they reached the door they stopped. "Now, behold his Immortal Mansion! Haha!" He said. That however he was passed by his friends. "Eh? Wait for me!"

And they opened the door!

"Wow!" A super-duper amazing enchanted and majestic hall stopped them. "What a beautiful place!" Lan Sung called in shock. With that, he stepped forward. Yet, *shu! Shu!* An arrow flashed. "What the heck is that master?!" Lan Sung made a step backward.

"That! Hahaha! That was his trap! That is what we called the best way to stop a thief! Got it?" "Eh?... Wait!" He called but they never listened to him. Nana used the driver as the meat shield. "It worked!" Nana called in joy.

"How genius is you girl!" Luis Park became bored. "Yes, he got a fac

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