Volume II: Chapter 17: Parents

Volume II:  Chapter 17: Parents

He and the rest entered his mansion. "Wow!" It looks better than the first mansion they saw. "If the other one is ethereal then this one is godlike." Lan Sung complimented.

"Everyone, follow me." Luis Park said. Then he made a bow to the front of his home. "Eh?" Everyone felt confused. "Just bow!" He called. Without hesitation, they bowed altogether. Then a moment later, they saw what he means when they raised their heads up.

"A statue?" They called. "Yes. It was my parents. My mother and my father." "I miss them." He added. "We're sorry." They called. It was their mistake to not discover it first. The statue whom they bowed was Harry and Inova. His parents.

"I greet you my late, mom," Min-ah said.

"No. She's not yet dead." Luis Park corrected it.

"I'm... Sorry." Min ah replied.

"Luis?" Min-Jae called.

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