I'm the Immortal Business Tycoon
I'm the Immortal Business Tycoon
Author: SATOU, D.




A man with a sobber face looked at the mirror. 'This time I will change myself!' Purple hair, purple eyes, good looks and handsome face.


"I'm Luis Park, 27 years old, a full-time bachelor."

Luis Park doesn't live with his parents anymore. His family did not even call him or text him. He was treated as nothing. Until he met his Girlfriend, Suzy Min-Jae.

A woman with a caring heart and loving soul, she really loved Luis Park. At first, both of them are strangers, "We are just  passing in a bullet train."

They meet on the same train and at the same time, but what he didn't expect she said yes!

"She became my Girlfriend!"

"I have a girlfriend!" Luis Park shouted without hesitation but the people on the train look at him ridiculously.

"Stop it. Haha!" The woman with laughing eyes giggled.

Suzy Min-Jae was happy for him. Because that time she told her feelings. When she developed something for him, she really wanted to confess. But it turned out she was the first to confess.

"I love you!" She said.

For 27 years he already got a girlfriend, a real girlfriend who loves him and cares for him.

Until he got into mess!

He thought that this relationship would turn out like a fairytale. A romance with a happy ending.

Yet this word changes his life concepts!

"Stranger, Fall in love, Stay together, Happy Ending."

But it was a fucking Romeo and Juliet!

"Stranger, Fall in love, Stay together, The end."

A story where the problems hunt and hunt him to no end.

Until he lost everything. Clamour! War! Fightings!

He was still him in the past... Until he lost his everything, Suzy... ...


"I'm Luis Park, 28 years old, a full-time bachelor."

"It's been a year I guess?" He said while reminiscing the past. He is walking on the beach. It's been a year for him since his life turned back to what life it would be.

"Uncertain and Alone."

That is the only thought he can think for now.

"Sigh... My life went this way after we broke up." Luis Park murmured that he got this long. Too long that he fooled himself from believing.

"The world is turning out like fairytales." That is what the book says.

"Maybe I read too much?" It is too much for him. "This world is merciless!"

Pity and Disgraced. He felt it.

While walking in the Sea Bay with a gloomy face. He was talking and drinking booze for himself.

"I don't even have no idea why she'd like me then! She do love me! But she broke me up! I am working diligently! Am I not good enough? He briefly thought this out.

He already wanted to shout and let these feelings out!

"But... I'm a man with pride! I lived up to my pride! So you broke me up...because I am poor Is that it?.….. " He paused then continued....

"Ugh! Girls are all the same. Money was after all the root of evil, the pleasure of happiness!"

He looked at the moonlight with the sorry state but has a willing mind. Eyes that were ready to accept the fact that it was a real scenario.

"Since no one loves me... I'm sure the heaven will--?" He stopped.

"I think there is nothing left to me in this world." He muttered.

A tear fall.

Then his mind flashed with many thoughts. His memories back then flashed. But...

"Hahahaha!" He was laughing in Madness.

He laughed frantically while in the midst of moonlight in the sea Bay.

*cries and laughs echoed the bay.*

"Since I am "me" now! THE PAST ME! I would no longer care about this world any more! Suzy!!!! I promised that this face of mine... I will make sure that you would no longer see this! I will prove that you are wrong!" He stated this.

When Luis Park was talking and meddling with his drama, he stumbled with a hard object that he couldn't say 'ahh or ouch.'

"Fuck! Whose bastard put this Object?!!" He yelled.

He looked back and forth but no to avail.

"So weird." He pondered a little and look at the object. Shaped in Triangle and Modeled like a Prism.

"I don't know why this object is in my way. To be honest what are you even in my way? You meddled with my drama!" He yelled.

He was irritated by the fact that he got this fucking life. Without in mind, he spikes out the Triangular Object to vent his anger.

"Fuck!" He struck it for real. But... "Ouch!" He moaned. That object hit him hard. Of course, that object is hard, that he got a foot sprained.

"Shit! You're fighting huh? Wanna fight?" He was already consumed by his anger and frustration. Of course, the alcohol was affecting him.

~The object you spiked is scanning~ Scanning the body~ Perfect!~ ~The host is now able to connect the time machine~ Counting starts in 10 seconds~ Please Select a Timeline~

"Ah!" Luis Park was taken aback!

The Triangular Object floated and talked like a human. '

And it was talking!' He thought.

He can't believe this out, so he wiped his teary eyes.

He got himself back, but...

"I don't believe you... You're just my imagination. After all, this world is a prank after all." But he got no time to think about it... so without worrying how is the world is going on, he replied.

He didn't mind this talking machine anyway?

"Did you say time machine?"

~Host you guessed the correct answer. I'm a time machine.~

Luis Park was curious. Of course, he won't believe this.

"Hmmm... What can you do? You're pranking me right?"

~No Host. I'm a time machine. Just say a timeline and we'd go back~

Of course, he didn't mind this Prank.

'If this is true I would change my life then. Maybe starting again?' He thought.

'What timeline it would be? But I want a better life, no worries and no problems! But... I want something that I would have to accomplish something better, my dream! Yes! That's it! My dream.'

Without any hesitation, he blurted.

"Okay. I would like to go back 100 years from now."

He chooses this out so that he can do all the things he wanted to do. Met some famous scientist, built his own mansion and make a name. There are many things he can do in this timeline.

~Host you're command is impossible~ Please Select a timeline again.~ The host can only travel back in time with no less than a Million years.~


"Are you even joking?"

~No host.~

"Ahem." He cleared his throat.

"Okay. I would like to go back to 2 Million years ago."

Of course, he doesn't mind this Prank. It was just to vent his loneliness.

~Host command is possible.~ Please close your eyes and relax~

"Okay." He didn't even blink an eye as he closes his eyes.

1 moment later.

"Eh?" "What?"

Breezy air... Calming nature and Pleasant sunlight entangled him.

~Host successfully travelled back in time. Timeline is 2 million years ago.~ Have fun Host. If you have any problem to ask please select from these choices~

Then a system interface popped up.

A. A voice recognition ~

B. Use your Fingerprints~

C. Face Unlock~

~Host still have 10 seconds to answer.~

He looked at the surroundings and he couldn't believe it. And nevermind that popping system interface.

"I-I time travelled!"

He can't believe this out!

~Host is correct. Counting 5 seconds.~ If the host did not make any choices, the host will be useless and the system interface will not come out anymore.~ And of course, the host will die without me.~

He can't think of something else! when he saw the word 'die' he trembled in fear.

With nothing to say, he saw the first choice and blunted, " Then, I choose A!"

~Host please wait. The time machine is processing.~ ~Voice Recognition Password has been set~ Call me if you need me, host. Time machine is shutting down.~ Good luck Host~

The time machine faded like none of this world will find out.

"I-I time travelled!"

A tear fall.

His mind is telling him to cry. His life suddenly changed.

And it was unexpected! His everything changed!

But... It is not just a cry! He was laughing! He was laughing in Madness!


He still can't believe it. He wondered what in the world is this 2, 000, 000 years ago?

"I'm a God! Heavens! It's true! This is is real! I travelled back in time!"

He was in the unknown yet IT'S REALLY UNBELIEVABLE! Then his mind flashed with dark thoughts!

"I must make a Harem. No, I will be the greatest Tycoon ever."

To be continued...

Satou, D.

Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine. Vote For ITIBT for more updates!

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