1 hour later...

A man with purple hair was lying on the grass uncaringly, full of black hues and red hues on his face and to his body.

'The grass, it was a bit pointy yet perfect for the mood. You may guess what happened, right?' He thought.

That man is Luis Park. 

"I fought, I beat them, I lost. Sigh...

After that, I did not get anything but this sorry state. I was like the villain. I did not miss them. They messed me. So I messed them up. And that I became a villain.

They did not even give me some sort of information about this world or so. And so I curse and curse and cursed them.

They have no even respect for a handsome man like me, sigh... Just they don't know who I am. What truly I am!

Don't they know how many hours did my parents almost made me? My mom suffered for almost 1 year! Not 9 months! Are they my parents to beat me? Just like that?"

"My parents did not care about me. They just supported my needs until they separated from me. They were awful and uncaring! What kind of parents are they?

I was the reason why my girlfriend broke me up. Not because I'm this corny and shameless be like.  But I'm this poor. Not a real tycoon, nor a billionaire. I just work in shifting. Poor me. If I... I got a good job back then. Then maybe... Just "Maybe." I can live a good life with her expectations."

Actually, my dream is to become a Tycoon. Yes, in business. My father's dream job and that to take his shoe.

Then Luis Park memories flashed...

In the room where lovely parents are present.

"Son take my shoe and be like me!" A man with fatherly love was stating his achievements to his son.

"I believed in his words, which made me look like an idiot."

I was a kid that time and every time I go to school I was always keeping my father shoe! At breakfast, lunch, dinner, shower, and even in my sleep. For me, it was my memento. To take his shoe... And that is my dream.

Fuck! I'm such an idiot. Who would like to take and keep a shoe? I can't believe myself, that I was so dumbbbbbb that time!

I did not expect that phrase will affect my life! my WHOLE FUCKING LIFE!  I did not know it was the Fucking Figurative Language! Do you know? Metaphor? I was blind by innocence! Poor me... Poor this handsome me.

Didn't know what lies behind that phrase long ago.

So when did I?

I'm 14 that time.

In my high school days, I learned a lot. And guess what? I learned the fucking TRUTH! My whole world sank! 

The fucking shoe!

I was so angry... Like a brat who will take his things and run out. Cookout a food on my own and lived on my own!

It's true I run away from home.

After having a bad mood, I went to a resto.

My mind flashed and flooded with different thoughts, ideas, dreams and so on. 

And that changed me when I got home...


"Where are they?" I asked myself.

That was my blessing and a curse.

"The parents I trusted the most run away."

 A 14-year-old youth... 

I'm 14 that time. 

Homeless and parentless! 

"They left me nothing."

"Yet a piece of paper."

So unhappy... Family is the root of all problems. 

"I cried for the whole day."

But I did not surrender!

I give my all in my remaining college days. But what I get is this...

Poor, penniless, because I have no proper job. I always take a shift from different jobs. You can call me, "I'm a jack of all trades, the master of none."

So that was the truth... About me, myself and I. A handsome man on his hungry days.

The end...


'The trees, air, and the scent were even better. So fresh that I fall asleep.' Luis Park thought and closed his eyes.

1 hour later.....

"Ughh! What good sleep." Luis Park woke up in the soft cotton-like bed.


When he opened his eyes he saw a mirror.

"Purple hair, purple iris, tall nose, and handsome face."

" me!" He blunted!

He looked up, side by side, and looked down.

Luis Park felt a Deja Vu!

"This place... This is my house! What happened to me? The Orangutans? My time machine! Where..... Eh?"

"Was it all a dream?"

"All I can remember is.. "When..."

"After we broke up...and a year later... I walked to the beach. I stumbled upon an object, and that thing brings me to another timeline 2 million years ago. Yet it disappeared like nowhere after ("it") asking for my consent. And after that, I met the Orangutans. I was beaten up. And that woman. Ughh... Was it all a dream? But it felt so real!"

Nobody! No one! 

A man with purple hair was on the peak! He was tied from his head to toe.

What happened to him is just like yesterday. A dreamlike you dazed off and dreamed something yet it felt so real? It is like a horror/ horny dream when at your peak. Your story seems so wild with some busty zombie but it blurred suddenly!

Try drinking too much and go wild.

You can't remember all of the things you made by yourself. Your body is conscious but your mind is not and this case our Luis Park is encountering now!

In his delusion...

"But why do I feel bouncing? Is this the feeling of waking up from drinking too much? But what is this feeling!"

Luis Park can't think of something but to let go of everything.

"Yanks, no matter I am still handsome." He looked at the mirror again. 

On the peak where men are present.

Complementing sounds made by the drums can be heard in the mountains. These sounds were made by the Mamo.

"1, 2, ..... 1, 2...." 

"March forward!"


The men yelled.

The group of men yelled while marching.

They looked like a human but their stature isn't that a normal human would be.

Ugly faces, big nose, coloured eyes, and simple dresses with chains and mails all over their bodies.

The plainclothes they wore was attached by chains and mails. 

They aren't a slave. This is their culture. The bigger the mail's and chains they wore the lower the rank they could have.

They also followed the rules and regulations given by Leader Mamo's, the Leader of their tribe.  

And they were called as "Mamo's."

The Mamo's walked in fast and slow-paced. It is like a sprint and a jug. 

 Mamo's does jug and sprint again.

So fast! Then fucking slowed. If he knew this then he would yell like fuck!

That is why Luis Park is having a nightmare.

Because among this Mamo's he is tied in the altar!

Soon they arrived at the peak of the mountain. You can see the peak as bare but it had a crater or something like a hole at the top.

The Mamo's Leader opened a book and read it aloud. 

"Offer the fresh animal!" The leader called.

"Offer him to God!"




Then the rest of the Mamo's prayed.

But Luis Park isn't an animal right?

This animal they called, of course, was Luis Park!

Luis Park was tied in the altar barely!

"Offer the animal!" The leader ordered.

A bandit with thick azure mail moved forward.

With his two muscular hands, he pushed the altar inside the hole, inside that huge crater!

Then it falls.


It is falling...

The altar is really falling! Luis Park is falling together with that altar!

In his dreamlike bed.


He felt so dizzy.

Suddenly it stopped! 

Then it was falling! 

"What the heck is wrong with my house!" He shouted while holding the mirror so it won't break.


His perception changed!

It seems like his delusion is fading slowly!



This sudden force took him back to reality!

Luis Park is back!

But the problem is... he was....  in a troublesome situation.


He can't move!

His body was tied to each end. And he was barely naked!

So Tight! 

But when he looked down. 

So Deep!

The crater was this deep but the problem is the tightness... the tightness of this ropes in his legs and arms is fucking amazing! 

"Fuck this amazing expert who tied this!" He yelled.

It was tied from different directions with no both ends! 

It is like a puzzle, and that amazes him to death!

"Arghhhh!!!!!!" He shouted like crazy. 

His mind was screwed as he can no longer pray anymore but to him it is possible.

So he made a short pray and closes his eyes.

"Oh my God! Please save me. I accept the fact I am not handsome and shameless but please."


"I will change, No! I will consider this as long as you save me. Did you give me a machine that will help me, right? Did you? So, please... let it appear! sob..huhu... I'm gonna die! I will do anything. Please... I will marry all the woman here in this world! If not I will make them Pregnant! So, please... If not I will not make a mess again! I will be a good person for now. I will make you an altar made of gold! Yes, a gold!"

Yet he was falling again!

"Nooooo! I'm gonna die without twist and turn. It is straight to helllllll!"  Luis Park yelled.

Yet an unbelievable! An unexplainable thing happened!

He was falling without stopping!

And he enjoyed his last day on earth...

As if this is the last. His fucking last breath!

He told something that he only knew.

"If you hear me. You! from out of this world! Please listen to my last will, my testament." 

"I wish I could be a TYCOON in the next life." 

Luis Park park closes his eyes and prayed.

Then his tears fall.


The altar made its destination and bang like an atomic bomb. 

To be continued...

Satou, D.

Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine.

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