Inside the cave, there was an animal. This animal had a chicken fox all over its body. 


Note: A chicken fox allergy not the real chicken or fox!  Idiot!

The animal looked at his cauldron. He watched something from it. It looks like a movie on a screen. It was in HD. 

Clear and Defined.

Plok(2x) - a short story. The title of the movie appeared on the cauldron surface.

This animal is watching this Plok(2x) Clip.

Note: This story is the best reliever for those who just broke up just this month. The best fighting play you will like and replay it many times!

Warning: This story is not good for kids. You'll see.

Then the movie played out...

The scene was like "popping a juice in a balloon show" or Plok(2x) show."

Among them, there were other challenges. Like this two idiots who entered the play! 

Gary and Ray.

"This is the biggest event in Fap2death Industry. And today we are going to have this Plok(2x) game show!  These are the rules. Please watch this." The MC spoke. 

And a screen magically appeared!

*a screen magic!

"Rules: The balloon would not pop if you will not pop it with a pointed object. You will use a stick or any object that is pointy to pop the juice out."

It was literally a breathtaking scene. That literally made the crowds yell!



Neither the rest of the challengers stopped popping the balloon. There are thousands of balloons on the play. Pop up the juice as long as you want! 

They fought like hell! Until someone surrendered because their stamina didn't last long. 

Yet this two remained in the play.

Of course, they were Gary and Ray. They fought with swords. But these two ended in a tie!

It was like a love story with a tragic ending!

They won at the same time but the prize was shred into two! 

It was cut into two!

No one would ever believe that these two idiots will share the prize equally! But the problem is with the prize! It is the most precious game in the whole world! 

The l*st of us!

The end.


That animal who watched this crashed the cauldron into pieces until it was trampled.

"Ahhhhhhh!" The animal yelled.

Seconds ago...

Status: Falling / Swearing

When he was praying a familiar voice sounded.

And it popped out like nowhere! 

A small version of its form, The little Triangular Object! 


A beep.

"Time Machine!" He called out.


~Host is in danger~ Host is in danger~ Please command host~

"Save this handsome! Now!" Luis Park shouted with little hope.

~Host command is impossible~ 

"Fuck! You're a machine and your that powerful? You can appear like nowhere but you can't teleport me out? You can do time travelling but this simple request of mine isn't that possible? Can you even do something to escape from here? Useless!" He replied angrily.

~Host, I have a suggestion for your problem.~ Please wait~


"Huhu... I'm going to die! This useless time machine of mine... what haha!" Luis Park wanted to cry like already.

Then a system interface popped up.


~Choices generated~


~Sending data to host~


~Please select the possible answer, host.~


The system interface flashed the choices.

A. Don't you worry the God is with us? 100 % real quick death.

B. Cover your eyes and pray. And wait for the result. Attention! This choice is 50% real death chance and 50% real live chance.

C. Use your body to move the altar. Flip your body as long as you can. This choice is 30% escape from death and 70% real survival chance.

D. Bunos.


"Is this a fucking quiz bee? Are you joking? I'm dying! whahaha...huhu. T_T" 

 Luis Park wanted to cry this time but he urged to stop.

"Shit... huhu... I'm gonna.. die what hahaha huhuhu!" He went crazy and gonna die this time. His tears are falling down already!

~Host please choose, if not host will die~ 


"Of course I'm going to die, and that is 100 per cent sure!"

With nothing to do, he trusted this time machine and choose the possible answer. Of course, he knew the best answer.

"Since I'm gonna die anyway. I choose C, sob.. sob... It's because.. sniff.. sniff.. I still have many things to do in this life, sniff... sniff... I don't believe I will die! sob... sob... But I'm the most handsome man on earth and that will never change!" Luis Park said with pride in teary eyes.

~Host please execute.~ 

"What the!!!?" He felt like dying.

'This fucking useless time machine!' Luis Park was angry even in the midst of his death!

Without hesitation...

"Arghhhh!!!!!" He forced his body to move!


The altar was smashed to pieces. 

And Luis Park is still unknown.

1 hour later...

A man with many calluses around his body twitched his back and neck. 

He was all red!

Status: Saved / Unhappy 

Thanks to his genuine mind not to his useless time machine! He safely escaped from death!

Luis Park felt so happy to live again yet unhappy to reveal those smiles. He's still in the middle of this pit!

Unknown in the bottom pit!

Luis Park doesn't even know what kind of monster is lurking around in this dark place! 

"This place is kind of creepy." Luis Park could feel the cold seeping into his bare-naked body.

But this made him laugh.


"This handsome live! I lived! I can't believe the heavens spared my little life. I don't believe that this handsome would die!"

"Humph! My time machine is even more idiotic!"

But, Luis Park was a little bit thankful to that small guy.

"That guy must be trampled. But it saves me there. Thank you Time machine." Luis Park lamented it's death.


~Your welcome host.~

This voice sounded. 


It appears like none of this world again!


"You're still alive after that crash?"

~Host still doesn't know.~ As long as the host is alive.~ This machine will exist, forever, Host.~

Luis Park doesn't know what to say. 

'If this guy didn't say this time then I would beat this time machine to death.' He thought.

~Host is alive. Congratulations.~ 

Then a system interface popped up. 

~Host will receive a reward~


'A reward?' He pondered. 

But he can't believe it!

'Maybe this is... a system that will make you stronger! Just like in the manhua/manhwa? Then.... ' 

He stopped thinking.

"I'm going to become an Immortal!" 

Luis Park shouted joyfully!

A while ago, he was struggling to live! Yet he was happy this time!

'But if this useless machine is this miraculous. I wouldn't mind keeping him! It even gave me a reward!' He thought.

"What reward would it be?" He asked himself.

He rubbed his hand. He was excited to know more about his reward.

Then his reward popped up like nowhere.


It was a mystery box! ([])

He doesn't want to think about his death anniversary anymore!

Without hesitation, Luis Park jumped at the mystery box and unbox it without even bantering!



He breaks the seals and opened it! Then suddenly...


"What is this? Amazing!"

"A cauldron of Immortal!" He called.

But what made him shocked was this big...

A big kind of object!

He carefully scanned and looked at it clearly.

"Is this the legendary Pill Stove?" Luis Park said excitedly.

~Host, please enjoy your reward.~ If you're in a situation like this.~ I will show up.~ 


Then the time machine disappeared like none of this world will find out!


He called out but no to avail.

Luis Park waited for so long but he can't activate this Heavenly Stove!

10 minutes later.

*tick tock the clock is ticking

"Come on... Come on... please open!" He prayed.

And then he counted...







up to 100!

"I can't stand this anymore!" He yelled.

But then suddenly the Stove glowed!

"It worked!" He blunted.

"Wow!" He was amazed!

But what made him shocked was this! A screen like in the top surface of the Stove suddenly appeared...


This Stove looking or Cauldron played out something.

"Plok(2x) - a short story."

A title appeared somehow...


1 moment later...


Luis Park shouted like fuck! He was in his demonic mode now! As if he can eat the whole cow with just a look.

He smashed the cauldron-like fuck!

It was like he awoke his Demonic Power!


To be continued...

Satou, D.

Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine.

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