"Fuck! That machine tricked me! After all of these efforts and this is what I got!? That gave me a shit!"

"I better not calling him again! Ever!" 

Luis Park promised to not call that useless time machine again since that scammed him and almost choked him to death! 

And what made him this angry, is because of that 2 idiots! Gary and Ray! They equally shared the prized item! The most precious game ever created! 

The l*st of us!

He stopped thinking and calmed down.

*cooling fan

'It's okay...' Luis Park calmed himself.

"If I see your faces again you all better hide! Even in this world, I would even kill God for a game!"

Note: Much better if you watch the Plok(2x) again.

1 hour later...

"I almost killed those two idiots! Humph! Better not to show up or else you'll taste the wrath of this handsome!"

He looked at the prized cauldron. It was smashed to pieces!

"I'm the most handsome man on earth! Who would even know that I'm this strong! A cauldron would not even fight back!"

"They made a mistake! They angered this handsome! That machine scammed me! Poor me. Did the world make me this handsome that even a machine would hate me? Nope? Jealous! You're all Jealous Right?"

"IM AM HANDSOME!" Luis Park shouted.

And he walked away from the scene of devastation.

 Luis Park blunted so many phrases on his way. He wanted to kill his time. Not because he got angry because he is hungry!

But a God is listening to him!

A God!


God thoughtlessly describe him. And that God is too angry now!

"I will teach you for disturbing my sleep! A God-like me was treated this badly! Humph, you better find a hole so I wouldn't find you or else..."

A God licked his face while smiling wickedly!

"This is your last day ugly animal, you self conceited Animal! You should better run or else I'll skin you off. Don't blame me for making me this angry. In this century no one would ever disrespect this God!" 

A God made his way to that annoying animal, Luis Park!

And this God is Dripping with Acids!

The stones melt!

It means that this God is something.

Unbelievable and Powerful!

This God is coming!

Nobody! No one!

That God is coming!


"This place is too dark for a handsome like me."

Then he felt a cold wind.

"Growled~" His stomach growled.

'So scary!' He thought as his pants were pissed off.

But it wasn't just a cold!

That cold was coming from a God! A God is coming for his life!

Then he thought something. 

'Why I am here?'

'As I recalled I was tied by. I don't even know who did that! But I did remember someone...'

As if a Deja vu played out in his mind.


"Humph! Whatsoever you're planning this time you'll better not come to me again! Fucking Orangutans!"

Luis Park pondered again and put his right hand on his jaw. 

He thought something.

'They are the only person I would even suspect...hmm... It is because I made them mad?'

He stopped thinking.

"Ah!" A sudden realization dawned upon him!

"Are they jealous? It seems so."

Then his face beat in red! He was angry now!

"They tied me after getting fainted! So despicable! Even this handsome face? You covet it right?" He asked himself. He believes so.

Luis Park misinterpreted something!

This time he made a wrong guess! 

His enemy isn't those Orangutans he knew but them!


The Mamo's Tribe! 

Outside where the lightness is present...





The Mamo's prayed. Drums also sounded.

The Mamo's making a tribute prayer for their God!  

In the place where darkness is present...

Luis Park walked in the midst of darkness. 

"Alone and Uncertain."

"What is this world!?"  Luis Park muttered in the darkness.

That is the biggest mystery that he can't erase in his mind since coming here!

"Where am I?" He asked himself again.

Time passed...

He walked without even knowing his way!

 Even his incoming death call! 

Status: Hungry/ Exhausted


"Don't worry self. Did you say you are not going to eat noodles right? But now? I wouldn't mind sucking it all." Luis Park smilingly consoled himself. 

Then his mouth drips with saliva!



He is dripping!


But when he looked down, he saw it clearly! His saliva melted something!

He wiped his eyes. It is telling him to! It is just because he can't believe it. 

His saliva melted a stone! 

"Ah!" A sudden realization dawned upon him!

"I have superpowers!" Luis Park shouted in joy!

What has he discovered was a superpower! 

He can't believe it!

"A real superpower!"

Luis Park jumped in joy! Roll and do Jumping Jacks.

"The feeling of having powers is too super awesome!" He called.

Then Luis Park pondered a little. 

"Hmmm... since most of the heroes have a name. Then a hero like me must have a name also. Then... what do you think would be my hero name?" Luis Park asked himself.

He can't just think of a lousy name because he would name it grandly! 



It took him for almost 1 hour!

"I'm not just handsome but a man who is powerful! Hahaha! And this is the most difficult decision I'm going to make!"

"So I named myself as "The Omnipotent Handsome Hero when saving a Damsels in distress!" 

" Awesome right! Right???? Yeahhhh!"

Luis Park yelled in joy.

Then he started to spit out! 


His fucking saliva worked!

"Awesome I did have some powers!" Luis Park claimed.

Unbeknownst to him, A God is looking down upon him. 

This God was dripping!

Juices are dripping from this God!


Yet this God fooled him!

'Humph!.... you're not just ugly and shameless animal but also an idiotic self-proclaimed handsome!' 

He jumped off happily. 

"I'm this strong when I'm hungry? But what if I was so... oooooh hungry?" 

He can't think of something. 

Thousands of thoughts flashed in his mind!





"TYCOON!" He yelled.

"Maybe I can rule this world?"

"No! I can have beauties all over the world! I rule them all!

His lust activated! As if his hungry feeling is fading slowly! 

It was effective!

Yet he was being consumed by his dream and lust! And most of all he is hungry to the core!

'This ugly is not worthy of my time! He did not even feel my presence! A self-conceited person!'  

The God is not that patience but he didn't mind seeing his last day on this world.

Of course, he wouldn't mind seeing him alive before the meal!

'Haha!' God smiled.

This God is just enjoying his moment. 




A creepy sound echoed all throughout the cave.


 God felt his body electrified by this strange sound! He felt a deadly feeling! 

And that smell would not even trick him!

So awful!

Something like... 

"Shit?" He called.

God can't describe this sound so far...

'This is...'

He can't say so. This feeling is killing him to death!

'I would have attracted someone!'


'What if?'

He's thinking about that God!

'But this is real...'

His gut is telling him to run! Run or hide!  Or else...

He knew this cave better than anyone! In this century no one lived here! But this time is different!

He sensed that no one is in here! Only this ugly and him! He can't think of something! He wanted to run like shit! This is the first time he felt so scared in his life!

A God!

He can't believe it! 

A fucking God like him wouldn't even feel this God! As if this God is not here...

This God is something!

"But no! This is real!"

Only at his level would be this stealthy! Or even stronger than him!

He would not even put his life here! He must run away before that God would find him!

Even a God would run! 

Nobody! No one!

He looked at the ugly animal. 

"Your time hasn't come yet. You better hide. But this Another God is coming for me and he smelled like shit!"

"I can't stand this anymore!"

God muttered his last word.

And he walked away.

Note: God calls human as an animal.

Luis Park is saved this time! He escaped death!

Status: Super Hungry


Luis Park felt his deja vu this time. A feeling that he could no longer forget.

He let the shit out!

His eyes popped out like butlogs!

"AHHHHHH!" He yelled.


Note: Butlogs means big eyes.

'This time I need to force it out! It's coming!' He thought as he can't stop it anymore!

The 2nd coming! His coming!

He puffed it all! 

"Ahhh! So relieving." He felt the pleasure of shitting.

Yet it is not the end!


Luis Park muttered as if another hot stew is coming out!

Then he yelled!


Far from the scene...

"Whew~ I escaped death," God said.

He also pitied that ugly animal. 

"Maybe he is ugly and shameless but he is not that bad? I guess we are not fated to meet, sigh. Poor ugly animal."

"This time I can only wait for my death!" The God said mournfully.

He vanished in the darkness.

Then somewhere from afar...A hoarse voice sounded.


That echoed all the way to this God's own cave!


God felt his nerves electrified like hell.

"I'm sorry I can't save you, boy." God felt pity at him.

So he slept without worrying anymore.

He can just forget this happened to him!

He bent his remaining nights through sleeping.



On the scene with dark smell permeates.

All of the things he ate from the future puffed out.

And the smell...

"It tastes like shit!"

Yet unbeknownst to him he scared someone!

God would even run without suspecting him. It was just his fart!  And the second was a shit!

If God saw this... 

Then he'll kill him to death! Or even eat him alive!

Nobody! No one! 

He scared a God to death with just his fart! And he almost killed that God!

But he felt he is going to die!

"I'm strong and handsome....hand...some....strong...

Too bad he fainted.

Yet his body stood up!

He stands up again and walked with a will. 

No! He is just walking on his own!

His eyes and his iris...

It was lifeless!

His will to live is unbelievable!

But unbeknownst to him. He is walking to that God's Cave!

His eyes glow as he walked steadily.

"" He muttered as he walked.

Far from this willed man, God is sleeping happily.

This mindless Luis Park is coming to God!

Yet the God is sleeping...


God is sleeping happily while dreaming some animals! More likely a human fried-chicken!


"Munch.. humm.. hhmm.. so delicious." 

He ate the whole animal in his dream!


*Sniff (3x)

The animal God smelled something! 

"A shit?"

Even in his dream! The shit is coming in!

As if his soul was being hunted by this God he spoke of! 

"The Shit God!" He woke up and called.

The Shit God is Coming...

The God scorned.

To be continued...

Satou, D.

Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine.

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One shocking truth that God's in this world is not Human! But Animals!

In this world everything was unknown. To him, he believed that Orangutans was way too perfect!

But it is not!

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