In the cave where darkness is present.

God was snorting...

Yet a shitty smell permeates the air

The smelly shit and that disturbing noise.


That mindless Luis Park made a creepy sound!


The Animal God dreams faded.


"That smelled like shit but...." 

"Is this a God or something?" 

Then this God flashed his thought.

He can't remember who? He can only think of someone who smelled like shit!

"NO, THE SHIT GOD!" He called.

 "According to the legends, there are many God's in this world. Everyone had a title. And this God who smelled like shit was... 


"A God with poisonous aura. He can kill God with just one breath."

"But, is he truly the Shit God we knew?"  God asked himself.

Nobody! No one! 

This Shit God is impersonating!

Afar from his cave.

Inch by inch... The impersonating shit God is walking at him slowly.

"FooOooood.....FooOooood.." This mindless Luis Park yelled for food!

His voice was too hoarse and deep!

"Eek?!" God was pissed off!

Glowing purple eyes! 

Walked like a zombie! 

Smelly and Powerful!


"THE SHIT GOD!" God yelled.

The Animal God falls to his knees and started to kowtow.

He is scared to die!


"Boss Shit... I don't know it was you, Boss. Please let this nobody spare his life."


But this Shit God did not even respond!

"FooOooood! FooOooood!" 

'The Shit God is coming for Food!' He thought.


"Please spare this little life of mine Shit God! I'm going to find you the best food ever!"

This mindless Luis Park craves for Food!



The Shit God yelled for food.

Upon hearing the Shit God yelled many times he can't think of something but to run!


e God runs off to flee. 

He felt dying to the core!

"Don't worry Shit God! I will find an fd!" He muttered.

He wants to find the best food! The food for God! No! The Best Food for Shit God!

In the peak where lightness is present...

The Mamo's prayed for almost 6-8 hours! But suddenly on the top of the crater. The God they praised showed up!


"Our God!!"

"He accepted our offer!" 

"God is helping us!"







The Mamo's fall to their knees. They are kowtowing!

The Mamo's Leader opened a book! He flipped the book on page 1!

Then he found his God! The picture of his God!

Of course, there are many God's on that book!

There are hundreds of God's in that book!

One of them was "THE FORSAKEN GOD!"


He read the book to let his tribes know who is their God!

"Our God is Forsaken! THE FORSAKEN GOD! He lived deep inside in this deepest hell, "The Crater." But the GOD wanted to PROTECT US!  He Stayed here for 100 years!


"He lived for almost a thousand years! And now our God is Back! He's going to reclaim his throne!"




The Mamo's shouted.

Then he continued...

"He's our Forsaken God! He's not the type of God who would side from another God! He sided with us! We are forsaken from this Animal-World! We! The Mamo's will follow our God to death and life!"

Then he flashed the book to everyone! It was the image of their God!

"The God!"

"Our God!"





The picture shows it was a bat!

But this Bat isn't that small! The Forsaken God is this big! But why? 

It doesn't make sense!

Nobody! No one!

In his 100 years, this God is coming out for the first time!


When the Forsaken God heard this. He felt so proud! That a God like him had some followers!

He didn't go extinct! He lived by his name! He's The Forsaken God in the Legend!

He once leads the Animals! 

A God-like him was Forsaken for some Unknown Reasons! 

He was hidden in this Crater for almost 100 years!

And that Mamo's discovered that a God is living on their Island. 

They felt at ease! They were being protected by God!

So in every 10 years, they would offer a living animal! To feed their God! The Forsaken God in the legends!

"At last! I'm back!" Forsaken started to yell!

"Our God is back!" 

"Our God is back!" 

"Pray to our God!"




The tribe yelled.

The Mamo's held their knees to endure the pressure of their God. 

Of course, the forsaken God let his power go wild! 


'Hehe!' He felt so proud after saying this.

It was glamorous yet so Godly!

"I CAN ONLY HAVE YOUR PRAYERS AFTER YOU SATISFY ME!"  He let a howl of his condition.

"Oh... Our God! Forsaken God! We don't require to have your answers. We're just your slaves!" 


"Oh God!, Our Forsaken God! We thank you for your magnanimous! You're the God who reigned at the top and we will give you the best food ever!" 

Their God smiled!

They pleased God!

Then a woman from the tribe started crying.

"Oh! Our merciful God! Please use us as you please and do!"

"We're just a slave! Our God must be obeyed!"




Hundreds of Mamo's from the Tribe complimented him.

'This feeling is so refreshing! I am a God under the heavens! I can only do this for once! Since Shit God is here... I will please him! With that, I can trample all the Lower God's. I will follow Shit God!'

Note: Shit God is a real God.

His mind flashed with different thoughts.

"I will rule this Animalia! Hahahaha!"

 He let his howl go wild!

'If I became stronger through Shit God then I can attain the power I never expected. To be in that realm is only my dream!'

"To be a council of Lower Gods" 

"I will reclaim the throne that once I had!"

The truth has been spoken!

Alone in the cave of darkness...

A mindless animal is radiating with hunger!


"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" His voice echoed all throughout the cave.

"Eek!" The Forsaken God trembled!

He even felt this far!

He felt the Shit God was terrifying to the core!

"Just as the legend says! He's the Shit God! I better not to make him hungry or else he'll destroy my cave!

"Just wait for the boss! I'm coming to save you from hunger!'

To be continued...

Satou, D.

Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine.

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