Status: Proud/ Excited

"Oh! God! Don't you worry about the food? We will do our best!" 


The Forsaken God never felt this proud. He can feel the reverence of his follower.



He shouted in a deep voice! 


He let his wings flapped! The wind is in turmoil!


The Mamo's can't keep restraining! 

They fall unto their knees!

"Our God! Blessed Butt God!"

"Butt God!"


"Bam! Bam!" The drums sounded.





The Mamo's praised Butt! 

20 minutes later...

Status: Super Excited

"My Boss! Oh Shit! You don't know how happy I am! I'll make sure you'll love this!" 

He smiled happily and made his way.

He went straight into the Crater. Then folded his wings when he passed the pit.

When he is already there, he smelled the shit again! But he can't just remain standing.

'I better find another place to live in!' He thought.

But unbeknownst to Butt, the Shit God is not the Shit God in legends! 

Note: We are going to call him Butt since his name is Butt.

"I'm coming!" He shouted. 

He runs faster yet he can sense this smelly feeling.


He can't stand this anymore!

So without hesitation, he throws the food.

"Shit! I will do not disturb you any longer! Please accept my apology!"

He throws the food in a packed wide leaf.

It was too traditional to be called as food in packed leaf. Yet it was all made by Mamos!  

Unbeknownst to them...

The efforts and everything they spoiled is to be given to this Impersonating Shit God!

Luis Park!

It was all worthless! The God they called of was serving another God!

This is hilarious! Unacceptable!

Yet this is the truth!

This is the system in the Animalia world! The world of the jungle prevails!

Status: Hunger/ Unknown/ Lifeless yet breathing

He's not shouting anymore! He's craving for hunger!

When he saw something he would eat it WITHOUT hesitation! It is just like a noodle.


The life he had in the future is making him do everything! 

To survive!

To live!

Anything as long as he won't eat noodles again!

He will do anything!

That was his only wishes. Not like any other person. He dreamed to live normally!

Status: Unconscious but hungry/ Dreaming

Luis Park, 4.

"What do you want when you grow up?" A man with youthful eyes asked.

"I want to become like you, Papa!" He replied.

"If you want to become like me then suffer. Be a man! A bad start is the best thing in life until you get a good ending!" He smiled. 

Seeing his father made him happy. He wanted to be like him. 

Luis Park, 6.

With his little body so weak that it can't even break a stick of matches was trampled by other kids! 

He fought them! 

Yet he was beaten to a pulp!

So he decided to train.

Luis Park, 10.

"Ah...Run!!" The youth shouted.

"Yeah, run you, coward!" Luis Park shouted.

"This life is good." He called.

Yet the other youth is not happy like him!

Black and blue! A symbol of beatings.

These youths received a good beating from him.

A purple-haired kid was smiling happily! He looks at the sky and smiled.

"Father, is this the feeling of success? I suffer for too long and guess what? I beat them hard!" 

"A man must suffer first! YES! YES! To get a good ending I must start with a bad beginning!" The phrase out his father's word.

8 years later!

Luis Park, 18.

"Who is the most handsome man on earth?!" A man asked while hinting a punch to someone.

"You...Yoouuur.. da... mos.. on earth... you're the man who filled with beauties.."  This weak guy said.


A missed.

This guy shakes when it missed. And he WasHhh talking JejeJeMonn!!

"Don try! I'm GoinG To SurrrRender..."

"Are you sure?" He smiled wickedly.


Of course, that bad guy is not Luis Park! 

And this time.

"Hey?" A man with a handsome face nudges the bad guy.

This voice is very familiar...


The bad guy did not even respond!

"Hey... you! I'm talking to you? You're not blind or deaf, are you?" He asked.

"So?" The bad guy flinched.

"Then go to hell!" 

When this bad guy looked back?

After 10 minutes...

The bad guy was beaten to death without even defending!

"Ouch! How dare you picked me? Humph! This handsome one is not you! But me! Hahaha!" 

Then he picks pocketed the guy and signed in on the top.

"Handsome Park!"

That is Luis Park!

Onlookers and the bad guy.


'Shameless!' They thought.

Of course, this is the real Shameless! Luis Park!

All of his neighbourhood greets him while smiling! He is somewhat a hero of their residence. When he beat a bad guy they would not defend.

But why they did not fight him back?

How come a guy would not even defend?

Why they did not report him back?


Is he the heir of a billionaire? 


Is he the son of a mayor?


Is he a celebrity in Korea?


Then what is he!


-He is the son of the debtor! 

His father and mother owned many debts...

Not just millions but billions!

Nobody touched him since then! If you said a word Then you will be troubled.

If you want to beat him then pay him! Pay for his medical bills, psychological damages and so on.

Why are they paying his bill?

It is because he is shameless?


Because he wanted to extort them for money! or else... 

Or else why?

He used his alibi! 

In the police office...

"Why did you fight?" The hot babe police officer asked them.

Luis Park: I am just a debtor Ma'am. Huhu... He wanted to beat I beat him... just because I was this poor?... Huhu... 

He defended!

He even let a tear fall!

'Shameless!' The guy thought.

Guy: No ma'am he's telling a lie!

"Hmmm... what happened then." 

The guy said everything including his bribery and extortion for money and so on!

"So Mr Park, what is your explanations after hearing this truth?" The police officer asked him.

Luis Park: Ma'am he's not telling the truth! I'm a son of a debtor so how can I? Actually, he stole my money first! I want to pay it to my debt. And that happened! He stoled everything from me! So I can't just stand it! So I did was to take my money back! But.... but he fought back! and this what I did to him!

"I beat him hard!" He called.

He pointed out his best fact points!

He even bullshited him! He's relying on this fact of bullshiting! 

The Untold Secrets!

An innocent child was deprived this far! 

"So, what is your alibi? Where is your evidence?" The hot babe officer thoroughly asked Luis Park.

Then Luis Park pulled something out!


The officer and the guy popped their eyes out!

"What do you mean by this?" The officer pointed at the money with a sign or something like an autograph. 

But what made them shock isn't the sign! It was even dated! It also had a personal autograph and quotes!


There was a date on the money! And there is a phrase written on it.

"Bill for today." 

'No...'  The guy was shaken to the core.

And that??

That made his legend this far...

The end...

When the impersonating Shit God smelled the food coming! He jumped off.

Like a pig! He munched the food with his bare hands. Like an animal! 

If Butt saw this... He will strangle this animal to death!

And most of all he'll kill him to death!

In the cave where a God resides...

"Whew~... I almost died from Shit God! He's so smelly to the core! I was wondering why! Even from this afar I can smell the shit!" 

He did not care anymore. He can only wait.

To be continued...

Satou, D.

Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine.

Vote For ITIBT for more updates.


Then can Luis Park survive? Surviving in this Shitty timeline?

This past is different! This time an Animal God controlled everything!

They're called as the Animalia God! The Gods in the Legends. The book of Animalia God's!

Yet it was still unknown to Luis Park. This world is the world of God's! Where animals reigned! 

This is the truth! The truth behind the truth! 

2 Millions in the past!

This timeline can't be dated this far! But through Luis Park! With his time machine! He can do so.

He can discover this world so soon as he sees this world!  The truth! The place he dreamed of! A place where he can appreciate!

But when? 

Note: This is not a comedy when this novel reached 40+ you will like the story.

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