2 Hours later.

A guy with a bloated stomach is thumping happily.


"I almost died from eating!"

Status: Full and Contented

Then he thanked his saviour,

"Whoever you are or are you! I thank you! This handsome will pay off your magnanimity someday! You don't how happy I am! To eat this delicious food! No, the most delicious americano capricano africano marino ever! And I don't know what to do if I faint...thanks to my spirit! sigh... I almost died from hunger. I still have many things do in life! I have still don't know what is this past!"

"I have no money! I have no mansion! and the I HAVE NO WIVES! Yes, this is what my father told me! A man must suffer first, in order to have a good ending! "

"I am on the right path!"

"I will stand this life...Yes, I will. This second chance that God gave me...I'll treasure it. Oh God if you wanted to give me something. Just give me some clothes first! Your this rich and now I'll get no shirt? How useless are you?!"

"You really pitied this handsome right? Haha... I know! I know! You are not going to leave me in this smelly place, right? This place is yuck! The smell is shit! And this place is so dark! Whose who ever heard this! I swear to God that I would kill this bastard and I will kill him to death! I would even strangle him to this shit! Fuck that guy!"

Afar from the scene...

"I think Shit God finished the food already."

Then Butt made his way.

Unbeknownst to Luis Park and Butt...

This is something unexpected!

Butt, the Forsaken God! And Luis Park! The Shameless animal?

The second death call is incoming! 

"Now where do I wanna go?" Luis Park asked himself.

Luis Park can't think of something. He had no directions. He can't feel the air but he can breathe.

"Yet the problem is... It was so dark!" He called.

Yes... It was a deep black.

Then he hears a flap! 


He's heart thump like shit! 


"I felt something bad is going to happen!" Luis Park muttered.

Status: Run? / Or Is it death?

'I felt this kind of flap is not a human! Nobody would live here except a bat and snakes!' He thought.

Luis Park is half correct and not correct.

"Please help me!" He prayed. 

As if his prayer was heard by. A call was accepted!


~Host in engrave danger~ 

'This fast?'

'It was the time machine! He is right on time!' He thought

"Please do something. There is someone there."

 He pointed out the location where the wind is abnormal.

Luis Park can feel it. There's no way a son of the debtor wouldn't know!

Then his memories flashed back...

Luis Park, 20.

"Find him!" The boss yelled. 

There are so many muscle guys roaming with Batuta's.

Note: Batuta's is like a baseball bat.

"Huff... Huff... I almost died from those machos! They're going to kill me! This handsome is going to live, right?" He muttered while catching his breath.


"I got to act to do this!" He called.

Move The 4th Act: One for all! All for one!" 

He stood up! 

But the problem is, his opening is like a power ranger or a sailor moon or something shameless than that! 

The all for one! The one for all!

Luis Park is going to do it!

"Yah! In the power of this Handsome! Peace Prevails!"

 "All for one!"

He positioned his legs. Stamp his left foot as if to kneel down! 

A runner starting position!

"One for all!"

"Bang!" As if a sound alarmed him.


He swift like air.

When the macho guy saw him run so fast they called their boss.

"Boss..  the cat is running away!"

"Go! Follow him"

1 hour later...

"Success! I escaped! This handsome life again! My 997th escape! Haha! 

"But I'm not yet worthy! My father's level is even great!"

Then his consciousness came back.

"Father where are you?" He called as he missed his father.

"Tit!" The time machine beep.

~Scanning... tit...pik..tit....pik... tit~

~ Scanned finished~ Sending data to host~

Then a System Interface appeared in front of him.

"Your not you when I'm hungry, huh?" Luis Park mocked his Time Machine.

'It seems your not useless then!' He thought happily.

~Host is correct!~ I'm useless where your hungry~

"Ah!"  Luis Park felt a backfired.

Now he is filled with different thoughts.

'I must eat when I'm hungry! I'm not useless! That machine is just useless when I'm hungry! Then... Since I'm this full... Maybe this Time machine could do something?' He pondered.

"I will kill you shit! Whatever you are! Your getting on my nerves! And this handsome will punish you!"

Then he looked at his time machine.

"Any explanations?" He asked.


~Host body is like energy ball~ I gained my power from your body, ~host.~


~Scanning finished~

~Host, please look at the Data~ 

"Shit! Why did you not tell me about this!" 

He stopped mocking the time machine and looked at the data.


He tapped the System Interface.


Luis Park saw data is being generated.

~Cave Bat~

A bat looking. This cave bat is called macrobats. 

: use echolocation to find and capture their food.

: can fly and usually hunts at night.

: a meat-eaters. 

: Hunt's small vertebrates such as fish, frog, birds, lizards, and rodents, others eat fruit, nectar, or flowers.

 : the body length of fewer than 72 inches (180 cm) when fully grown. 

: Wings span: 3.5 ft.

: Large ears and noseleaves leaf-shaped flaps of skin

: can produce acid bread

: can produce a deadly sting

: usually doubled powers during the night

Level of danger: low


~Comparing host battle power to macrobats~

"tit...pik...tit... pik...tititittttt"

~Host please wait.~ comparing...finished~

~Data will be sent to host.~ 

Then another information popped out.

He looked at the System Interface.


He touched the System Interface.


Macrobats battle power: 9

Host, Luis Park battle power: 1

Result: Host will surely die.



"Can you do something better than this?!"

Luis Park almost yelled like fuck! 

"No! Am I going to die? Is this the end? Huhu..." 

Luis Park wanted to cry but no to avail. A while ago he's just so happy and this what happened! 

"You're so useless!" 

"What do I gonna do...."

Status: Blocked thoughts

Luis Park mind was full of thoughts like...

"Noodles, Work, Noodles, Work, Work...Work! WORK!" 

Luis Park wanted to die now but his life is on the stake! He can't die just yet!


The System Interface beep.

'This must be hope!'  Luis Park thought.

To be continued...

Satou, D.

Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine.

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