The System Interface beep.

'A hope!' He thought. 

In the midst of the crisis, the heaven-sent a hope for him!

'The heavens did not pity me! This Time Machine, Oh God! It was a lifesaver! No! My real friend and Hero! I will cherish it. Forever!'

'I wouldn't mind taking this machine as a pet.' He thought.


~Host is hungry~ Please recharge~



His hope! He's fucking saviour is fucking his hope.

It killed his hope hopelessly! 

~Time Machine is shutting down.~

Then the Time Machine disappeared like none of this world will find out!

Luis Park was left amazingly this time! Not that amazing but the Time Machine is making a shit this time!

"Fuck!" He yelled.

Luis Park wanted to beat this machine of him to death like shit! 

"Argghhhhh!" He yelled like fuck!

Status: Angry / Scared

"What do I gonna do? What to dooo....dOoooooo!"


He kept mumbling.

Then someone moves in!

'This is it!'

'Fuck! This bat is coming! I hope it was a 3-4 inch bat long. I hope he's that small.'

'What creature would kill me this time? I hope it was a beauty! hehe!' 

He smiled. But that crushed him to death!

"Kekekekeke...." The bat laughed like a bat.

His mind freaked out after seeing the bat glowed its eyes.




They yelled so loud!

1 moment later...


"Did I yell that loud? Or it is just my fucking imagination?" Luis Park muttered.

"Whew~ I thought it was a fucking monster! It was just a ghost!" Butt muttered.

Both of them was literally unbelieving!

Butt can't believe what he just saw!

Then Luis Park looked at the place where he saw the glowing eyes.

"A bat?"

"An animal?"

Both called.

"It's just a bat hahaha... This bat-like scared me to death." He laughed out loud!

'Thanks to my Time Machine I figure this out before it was coming.' He paused. 'But... what is that battle power meant? Maybe the Time Machine itself is just joking......whatever! If that bat fought I will beat him to death!' Luis Park thought proudly after knowing it was just a bat.

Yet it is not a bat only!

It's Butt!

The Animal God!

That bat glows its eyes in the dark! His body can't be seen that much!

"Oh?" The bat spoke.


Luis Park mind was in turmoil! He can't process this out! The bat looking animal talked!

He fainted. 

Status: "...."

20 seconds later...

He woke up.

"Ugh? Did I dream that much? Damn, that scared me to death but it felt so real!"

"Oh?" The bat talked again!

"Ah-" Luis Park wanted to yell.

Yet that bat pressured him to.

'This is a fucking world! It was a fucking unexplainable! Damn science! I thought I learned too much during my college! But this made me like an idiot! How can I believe that we came from the relatives of apes? Yet this world is telling me to fuck! This is true! They aren't like fucking apes! Those Orangutans are handsome like me! And this Bat talkback! Ahh! I Can't believe this out! Is my life that cursed that I fucking know how to understand bats?'


Then a misunderstanding realization dawned upon him.

'Did my Time Machine translated this out?'

'Or did I really have power like Spitting acids?'

"Ah! That's it!"

Luis Park would not believe that an animal would talk this way!

So he fucking believed his gut! 

"Oh... just I thought!" Luis Park muttered.

Luis Park looked at the bat without a hint of a scare. He wanted to test this gut!

"Please say I'm the most Ugliest Creature on Earth!" Luis Park called.

"Are you joking? Do you want to do die!?" The bat talked.


"It's true! Haha!"

Luis Park was this amazed!

'Yes! Just what I thought!' 

'My time machine translated this out! 

"I'm a God! I can understand animals! I can talk to animals!" He yelled in front of this bat-like animal.

'Shameless! What animal? You are the animal here! I'm a God' Butt thought.

Butt wanted to tell this out but he doesn't want this animal to faint again! He wants to kill this animal alive! So he remained patiently.

He doesn't mind killing this idiot later... 

'This freak I hope you will have a good life in the afterlife.' He thought. 

'Then where is Shit God? How come this idiot is Infront of me now?' 


Butt wanted to prove something but he doesn't want to.

"Maybe Shit God did not kill this idiot?" 

A misunderstanding! This Butt is also an idiot!

"Where is Shit God?" Butt God asked the shameless animal.

Luis Park is confident this time. His gut was correct!

He wouldn't mind talking to Animal anyway. The Orangutans convinced his body and mind after he time-travelled to this world. 

'This world is different! And it was in the past!'

'So this proves out why?' Luis Park thought.

"What God are you talking about?" Luis Park replied.

'He seemed to lost his memory!' Butt thought.

'So that's why! Shit God is this even amazing! Even an animal would lose his memory. That proves my Shit God is still amazing! My world, My life is going to change this time.' Butt thought.

Another damn misunderstanding!


To them, a human is an animal! Animals in this world are called Gods, not Animals. So how come he would know the term Earth? If this is the past? But in this past, the Animal is the term for humans.

"It's just nothing. Nevermind."  Butt replied.

Then he moved out of the darkness.

 Then the bat showed it's true to size and shape!


'Luis Park was taken aback!

This bat looks like a big Bat. A human-like but this big!

"70 Inches!"  Luis Park muttered this loudly!

"The wings... It was so wide!" Luis Park was shocked and amazed!

Luis Park can't think of something! If he spread the wings and this wide.

What amazement and happiness would it be? 

He wants to test this out. But seeing the data, he doesn't want to! Because this bat has a Battle power of 9!

'What would that be?' He thought.

But he can't think of something!

'Maybe something? Like fighting just like in the games?' He thought.

Just like in the data shown. A full-grown Macrobat!

"Haha! You're flattering me." Butt is happy when he "the idiot" was this amazed!

"Since your this kind and thoughtful. I wouldn't mind showing off to you." 

The bat flapped his wing!

'So wide!'

'Browny black red and this wide!'

Of course, this time Luis Park felt unhappy! He badly wanted to escape this cave so far!

"Of course, you are!" Luis Park can't just say no.

He is scared to death that he blunted a compliment!

Then he got his thought back.

'I thought he would eat me!' Luis Park thought.



A sudden misunderstanding dawned upon him again!

'He's just an animal and a bat! He doesn't feel something like killing or so! I wouldn't mind talking to this one.' Luis Park thought.

'And he seems like a good one!'  He added.

"Then I'm happy to see ya!" He wanted to be associated with this animal and wanted to see what kind of tricks this animal would do!

'Maybe I can use this Bat? Haha!' Now, his mind was filled with thoughts. Dark Black thoughts!

Then unbeknownst to each other, actually, they have the same thoughts!

'Maybe I can use this animal? Haha! Shit God would even praise me! I have to take care of this animal then. Maybe Shit God went to find something? Shit God is unpredictable!' Butt thought.

"Follow me..." 

"Uhmm... Is it okay?"


'Haha! Oh God! I received the messenger you brought here! I don't know what's going on but... Thank you! Haha... I expected too much and this you gave me. Oh, God! After the food you sent and this time a Servant! Oh, Mama Mia.'

He shamelessly thought.

His mind filled with thoughts. 

'What would be next? Is it beauties or....?' He thought as he can't think of something!

Status: Blessed 

'Is there a beauty at the end of the rainbow? Or is there something bigger than that?! Haha! God has a grand plan for me. This is what my father told me. After I suffered! I will succeed! Haha! I don't want to suffer anymore! No NOODLES ANYMORE! THERE IS A BEAUTY AT THE END OF THE RAINBOWS! ' He thought.

'A myth is this correct! But damn science is False! I believe in my Elementary school teacher now!'

'Father! Mother if you see me this time! You'll be happy that your son is a Tycoon now! Thank you! And also to this Time Machine, thank you. Without you, I would even suffer. And this time is No More! I can live in this fucking world WITHOUT worrying!'

What a thought.

Then... as if his thought was heard by! 


To be continued...

Satou, D.

Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine.

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