Chapter 2835

With that said, he stabbed the syringe into the researcher’s arm!

In an instant, a pale golden luster appeared on the veins of the researcher’s body. Patterns like golden earthworms spread from the researcher's arm to his whole body!


The researcher howled miserably and fell to the floor while scratching his skin as if he was burned by fire.

Suddenly, the researcher stood up and roared. His eyes turned into a pale golden color, and the muscles on his body also bulged rapidly like an inflating balloon. They were still expanding!

The researcher’s expression also looked very desperate.

He took a step forward, stretched out his hand, grabbed Cooper, and shouted, “Consul Berry, save me. Save me!”


The researcher exploded into blood mist before turning into a pool of pale golden blood.

Many people were sprayed with pale golden blood.

Seeing this, Cooper turned pale!

Did it fail?

How could it fail?

Everyone’s expression looked very ugly.

They still failed
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