Chapter 2837

A half-step to the other shore!

Everyone was shocked!

Someone had actually reached that level!

In a secret place of Terrain Villa in Beechwood City, an old man was injured, but it was not serious.

He was none other than the grandmaster of the Turner family.

At this moment, he felt the extra aura in the rules of heaven and earth and frowned. Then, he relaxed with relief and said with a smile, “I didn't expect that he actually reached the half-step of the other shore.”


The faces of the four pavilion masters became gloomy and uncertain.

Cooper Berry really succeeded!

A change in the Nonagon was inevitable now.

In the sky, Cooper felt the enormous energy and the power of rules in his body. His face was full of excitement!

Then, he stared at the four pavilion masters on the ground.

He sneered and disappeared from the air. The next second, he appeared right in front of the four pavilion masters.

“Four pavilion masters, are you here to congratulate me?” Cooper
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