Chapter 2838

Hearing this, Chandler’s face darkened, but he still persuaded Cooper, “Deputy Consul Berry, I’d like to advise you to think twice about this. If you take any action against the young patriarch of the Clarke family, I’m worried that Roger Clarke will retaliate. If that happens, things will be very tricky and may even trigger a chain reaction between the Clarke family and the Nonagon.

“At that time, there’ll be greater chaos in the country, and foreign forces will also invade.”


Cooper shouted coldly, walked up to Chandler, and said with a chill in his eyes, “Pavilion Master Curtis, I know what you’re thinking, but I’ve decided on this matter. No further discussion is needed! It’s just the Clarke family. You may be afraid but I’m not!

“Guards, invite Pavilion Master Curtis to go back and take a break. Let him reflect on his identity!”

Cooper shouted, and two loyal subordinates of his, each with extraordinary strength, walked out behind him.

This was house arrest.

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