Chapter 2842

Hearing Reed’s threatening words, Cooper said scornfully, “Supreme Williams, you’re still the same. I’m not what I used to be. I might’ve been afraid of you in the past, but I’m a half-step to the other shore now. To me, you’re just an ant!

“Do you think that the Imperial Palace or the Imperial Preceptor behind you will offend me for the sake of a small supreme like you?”

After Cooper finished speaking, his face was full of pride with no regard for Reed at all.

To the outside world, Reed Williams was a mighty supreme, but to Cooper, he was nothing.

He could kill Reed with a lift of a finger.

Hearing this, Reed took a step forward despite the huge pressure from Cooper on his shoulders. The tiles beneath his feet shattered instantly!

“Cooper, as a supreme, I’m not afraid of any challenge! Fight me if you can!”

Reed shouted, and his slender hand fell on the sword on his waist!


The sword left the scabbard slightly.

At that moment, green light with a low roar of a
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