Chapter 2843

More terrifyingly, when the Green Dragon Sword was unsheathed, all the metal weapons in Larson Manor buzzed!

All members of the Larson family were in horror with faces full of shock!

The killing intent of the Green Dragon Sword was too overwhelming!

There was also an invincible aura!

Thud, thump!

In an instant, the members of the Larson family, including Silva and the others, knelt on the floor and shouted, “We welcome the Imperial Preceptor!”

Yes, they bowed down to the fully unsheathed Green Dragon Sword!

That was because behind Reed, a shadow of an upright figure with a solemn expression had appeared!

The shadow was none other than the Imperial Preceptor who had conquered the eight kingdoms back then!

He was someone who possessed supreme combat power and aura!

With just a cold look, all members of the Larson family fell to their knees in fright!

It was the Imperial Preceptor!

The one with almighty power within the country!

A legend!

An extremely strong fi
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