Chapter 2845

The grand elder had passed on, while the outcome of Consul Yarrow was still unknown.

Excluding the grand elder, there were three.

After all, during the battle on Arcadia Island, Juno once fought Roger in his peak condition. Later, the grand elder had to make a move before the matter died down.

Thus, Juno’s real strength should also be in the realm of the other shore!

However, it could also be the peak of the pseudo-realm.

It was difficult to determine.

If Juno was in the realm of the other shore, and there was also the Imperial Preceptor, there was one last spot left.

Who could this person be?

If the Imperial Preceptor was not in the realm of the other shore but the pseudo-realm, there would be two spots left.

Someone else was in the realm of the other shore!

Who was it?

Philip looked grave.

Seeing this, Reed said, “Don't take it too seriously. The world’s progression is beyond our control. You need to grow up as fast as you can and reach the level of your fathe
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