Chapter 2846

Hearing this, Cooper’s guard sneered and said, “Young Patriarch Clarke, please get in the car.”

Philip got into the car without hesitation.

After Philip left, Cynthia burst into tears and said to Fennel, “Fennel, please save Philip.”

Fennel frowned. He had already made the final preparations.

“Don’t worry. If Cooper dares to do anything to Philip, even if I have to go all out, I’ll make the Nonagon and the Berry family pay for it!” Fennel said coldly.

Then, he quickly left the hotel.

On the other hand, Philip arrived at Larson Manor again.

He was full of mixed emotions.

Before this, he was unafraid with Reed beside him.

Now, he had to face the music alone.

When he walked into the Larson family’s main hall, Cooper and the others were sitting with faint sneers on their faces.

“Young Patriarch Clarke, we meet again.”

Cooper said mockingly, his smile cold and sinister.

“Hey, why didn't Supreme Williams come with you?”

Philip scoffed. “Deputy Consul Berry, since
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