Chapter 2848

The Dragon Seal?

Seeing the token in Philip’s hand, Cooper’s face was full of horror and fear!

At that moment, his emotions were in upheaval.

It was the Dragon Seal!

That was the highest token that belonged to Roger Clarke!

The claim that it could command the entire world was not just empty talk!

Cooper immediately thought of the incident that happened more than a decade ago!

It was the incident that rocked the entire country!

The thing that caused it was none other than the Dragon Seal!

The meaning behind this seal was extremely huge!

The power that it could unleash was beyond Cooper’s imagination!

A small and simple Dragon Seal could command all of the Clarke family’s combat power and wealth!

All members of the Clarke family and all forces that belonged to them had to obey the Dragon Seal!

It was a token that could even destroy a big country!

The special influence it held was not only limited to the combat power and wealth of the Clarke family.

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