Chapter 2849

Was this the creature behind the stargate that bowed down to Roger Clarke?

It was forcibly tamed by Roger and sealed in this small token!

Too scary!

The aura of the golden dragon was a half-step to the other shore!

A creature on the other shore with that strength was actually subdued by Roger!

At this moment, Cooper was full of fear and trembled from the depths of his soul!


The golden dragon opened its huge jaws and roared. The monstrous airwaves shattered the villa behind Cooper!

Cooper urged the power of rules on his body to withstand the pressure from the golden dragon!

However, two deep pits still formed beneath his feet!

Cooper was furious!

He waved his hands, and his eyes suddenly became sharp. He roared, “Hmph! You’re just a creature from the other shore. How dare you throw your weight around here? Let’s see how strong you are!”

Cooper was furious, and his fighting intent raged!

In an instant, the entire Larson Manor was filled with the fighting i
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