Chapter 3013

Philip roared and raised his hand in a slashing motion. The giant chimera behind him slashed the old man with the chimera sword!

With huge commotion, the huge chimera sword with the raging power of flames slashed down in anger as if destroying the world!

The old man raised his eyebrows, and his eyes flickered. He raised his hand and pointed at the sky!


In an instant, the old man's finger burst with terrifying energy rules and slammed into the chimera sword like a tsunami!


The terrifying energy that erupted from his finger bombarded the chimera sword and tremendous flame energy blasted in all directions!

At the same time, the giant chimera took a few steps back and roared indignantly!

The old man still stood in the same spot motionless. He looked at Philip indifferently and said, “Young Patriarch Clarke, do you still want to continue?”

Philip frowned and made a rough judgment. He was not a match for this old man. A forced battle would be a dead end for him.
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