Chapter 3018

Philip’s expression turned grave. The thing his mother left behind was in the sixth zone.

The Multidew Herb that could cure Wynn’s golden blood syndrome also seemed connected to the Nonagon.

Wynn’s memory chip was also with the Lovelace family in Cochly Mountain.

Everything was related to Cochly Mountain, the Nonagon, and the stargate in Cochly Mountain.

Philip was silent for a long while before he glanced at his grandfather lying on the bed and asked, “If I can enter the other shore to get the Undying Medicine, how long can my grandfather last?”

Benny glanced at the grandmaster’s face, which was slightly black, and said, “I’ll try my best to keep him alive, but I don’t know how long he can last. Based on his current condition, it’ll be one year at most. In other words, you only have one year to find the passage or open the stargate to enter the other shore and find the medicine and bring it back.”

After he finished speaking, Philip's face became more solemn.

One year.

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