Chapter 3019

At this point, the choice was displayed in front of Philip.

The medicine that his grandfather needed and the Multidew Herb that Wynn needed were available on the other shore.

If he did not go to the other shore, he could not save his grandfather and Wynn.

Moreover, Philip had always wanted to understand the secrets of the other shore.

Otherwise, the civilization of this world would sooner or later be undermined by the land of the other shore.

After a long silence, Philip had not decided how to face the next situation.

No matter what he did, he had to first go to the sixth zone of the stargate in Cochly Mountain to obtain what his mother left behind back then.

Benny looked at Philip’s serious face, patted him on the shoulder lightly, and said, “Your choice determines the fate of the people you care about and also your fate. At this point, I can no longer predict your fate. Philip, you’re the variable in this unfathomable world and the only variable in the future. You need
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