Chapter 3020

Before Philip’s convoy reached First Palace, Martha and Charles were already waiting.

Since early in the morning, Mila was also eager to see Philip.

At this moment, Martha sat in the living room anxiously and kept looking at Charles, who was sulking beside her.

“Charles, tell me what we should do when Philip returns later.”

Martha looked very nervous, and her face was full of worry.

Charles sat on the sofa, glared at Martha angrily, and said, “How dare you ask me? If not for you, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

Hearing this, Martha felt very uneasy and immediately burst into tears. She said, “I was cheated. Do you think I'm willing to lose so much money?”


Charles snorted coldly, feeling angry.

Two weeks ago, Martha went out with some friends and learned to gamble.

Gambling was no big deal, but she lost 30 million!

30 million!

Charles did not know about this at first. Later, Martha felt indignant and wanted to win back the money she lost. She mortgaged
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