Chapter 3035

The girl panicked and quickly backed away. She looked at Philip nervously and asked, “W-What do you want to do?”

Philip frowned and said, “Beelzebub isn’t something you can bring out to play with. Since it’s a beast from behind the stargate, I have the right to kill it now!”

A longsword made of air appeared in Philip’s hand, and he could kill the creature at any time!

The girl was so anxious that she burst into tears and said, “Please don’t kill Blackie. It’s innocent and very well-behaved. If not for Blackie’s company, I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to and play with.”

“That reason is insufficient. All I know is that they’re the source of destruction to this world,” Philip said coldly and walked toward the girl.

The girl backed away, crying and begging. The little thing in her arms grew more nervous and ferocious.

As Philip raised his sword, a figure rushed over from a distance!

This person landed in front of them and reached out with one hand, which turned into a big han
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