Chapter 3036

A turtle shell?

Seeing this, doubt flashed in Philip’s eyes.

However, the next second, the old man took the turtle shell from his back and placed it in front of him!


The green lotus sword shadow slashed on the black turtle shell but left no trace behind!

Philip even had the illusion that the Green Lotus Sword Shadow was absorbed by the black turtle shell!

The turtle shell was no ordinary thing!

Philip once again slashed several sword shadows at the old man!

The old man simply lifted the turtle shell and blocked the attacks!

Every sword shadow from Philip slashed on the black turtle shell but left no traces, not even a fine line!

“What the hell?”

Philip was shocked!

The old man sneered, held the black turtle shell in his hand, and said to Philip, “Young man, do you know where this turtle shell came from?”

Philip frowned, and the old man continued to say proudly, “This ancient treasure has been passed down in my family. It’s an item older than Emperor Kai
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