Chapter 3037

“Go to hell!”

The old man infused the turtle shell in his hand with the energy and the power of rules in his body, which produced a black light!

In an instant, a huge black turtle shadow appeared behind the old man!

The shadow was huge and charged at Philip with tremendous force!

Philip frowned and raised his hand, and the giant chimera threw a punch!


The huge flaming fist of the giant chimera slammed heavily on the turtle shell that was smacked out by the old man!


The collision produced a terrifying energy fluctuation!

This energy rippled outward like waves in all directions!

All the houses nearby collapsed!

Fortunately, this was a planned demolition area, and all residents had moved away!

Otherwise, it would be a big problem!

The two quickly broke apart. The old man held the turtle shell in his hand, looked at Philip coldly, and said, “Young man, stop struggling. You’re not qualified to intervene in the affairs of the Heavenly Court. I advise you
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