Chapter 3038

Faced with this forceful blow, the turtle shell dazzled brightly with a black light!


A huge turtle appeared and roared loudly!

The huge chimera sword slashed at the turtle that morphed from the turtle shell and burst with terrifying energy fluctuations, which spread to the surroundings and shattered the space here!

The surrounding houses collapsed in an instant and turned into ruins!

The old man with the turtle shell was also sent flying by this turbulent energy storm!

The shell fell to the floor with a loud thump!

Seeing this, the old man roared and wanted to rush to the shell, but Philip saw the opportunity and cut him with a sword!


The old man was cut in half and died instantly!

An old guy at the peak of the sixth zone resisted several attacks from the middle stage of someone from the seventh zone solely by relying on this turtle shell!

This turtle shell was truly extraordinary!

Philip retracted his aura and stood on the spot. He stared at the tur
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