Chapter 3039

The girl and the Beelzebub were sent flying a dozen meters away.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Outside the light barrier, the girl kept hitting the barrier formed by Emperor Kai’s Token.

At this moment, when he was inside the barrier, Philip was finally able to see the true appearance of the huge turtle.

Just one glance at the turtle made Philip feel endless admiration and reverence for it!

Royal aura!

The turtle exuded royal power!

Philip looked up at the turtle, but it was looking at Emperor Kai’s Token that was suspended in the air instead. It said in a weather-beaten voice, “I’m surprised to see the Human Emperor’s Token left over from the Human Emperor’s era after thousands of years.”

Human Emperor’s Token?

Philip was shocked and puzzled.

Was that not Emperor Kai’s Token? How did it become the Human Emperor’s Token instead?

Then, the shadow of the huge turtle slowly lowered its head and glanced at the tiny human being in front of it.

It exhaled noisily and said,
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