Chapter 3040

The girl stomped her feet, pouted, and followed Philip out of this place.

Soon, Philip returned to First Palace with the girl and the turtle shell.

When the girl saw Philip’s luxurious house, she kept running around the villa in awe.

Martha scowled when she saw Philip returning with a young girl of 17 or 18 years old but dared not say anything.

Philip was still such a playboy, flirting with a young girl. What did he take Wynn for?

Speaking of which, where was Wynn?

“Philip, why isn’t Wynn back with you? She has been away for a while. Where did she go?” Martha walked over with tea and asked with a smile.

“Aunt, thanks,” the girl said sweetly.

Philip frowned, thought about it, and explained, “Wynnie is dealing with something and won’t be back so soon.”

Hearing this, Martha pursed her lips, turned around, and left.

Philip glanced at the girl who was sitting on the sofa with her two legs dangling. The Beelzebub lay quietly beside her as if it was tired.

“Tell me who y
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