Chapter 3041

Hearing the girl’s remark, Philip’s heart softened. She was only in her late teens. Maybe her only time remaining was the so-called five years.

“I can accompany you to have fun in Riverdale, but you must follow me back to Cochly Mountain. Otherwise, you may leave now.”

Philip did not want to invite trouble either.

The guardian maiden had run away from the stargate, so those people from the stargate and Cochly Mountain would definitely come after her.

“Okay!” The girl was full of excitement and anticipation, her eyes twinkling.

Back to Cochly Mountain. A fierce battle was still going on in the snow-capped mountain range.

Dozens of fighter planes attacked several times, but the huge spaceship hidden in the snow-capped mountains could still put up a fight.

Commander Greene was already at the scene and personally directed the battle.

Dozens of disciples training in Cochly Mountain rushed to the top of the snow-capped mountains and fought with the spaceship. The sky was
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