Chapter 3

“It’s just money. Who said I didn’t manage to borrow any?” Philip glared viciously at Juan.

Juan was dumbstruck as his expression froze. When the surprise was still evident in his eyes, Philip tossed the plastic bag in his hand in front of him and Wynn.

The bag fell with a loud thud and rolls of cash appeared before their eyes.

The corner of Juan’s eye twitched slightly as his lips trembled. His hands had subconsciously balled into fists.

Wynn was surprised. She stared at the money Philip had tossed in front of them, confused, but then her expression immediately turned cold as anger surfaced in her eyes.

Where did Philip get all this money? If he had this, why didn’t he take it out earlier? I even had to keep another man company by chatting happily with him! Doesn’t he know how tiring it is?

“Here’s a hundred thousand. I’m paying you back all at once, including the past loans! Don’t ever come here again,” said Philip coldly.

Juan did not take the money. To be frank, this hundred thousand did not amount to much in his eyes. He only thought of it as a charity to the poor.

“Well done, Philip. You manage to fund this much in such a short time. But I’m curious, who would lend you so much in such a short amount of time?” Juan asked ambiguously, feeling his ego being shaken. He had stayed there just to wait for Philip to come back so he could ridicule him. Besides, he wanted to show Wynn just how terrible the man she had chosen was!

But now, the words that Juan wanted to say were all stuck in his throat. This feeling of discomfort and a lump in his throat made him antsy.

“Does it have anything to do with you?” answered Philip indifferently.

Wynn could no longer stand it. She stood up and yelled at him, “That’s enough, Philip! Brother Juan has helped us out so many times now, so how can you say that?”

“Did I ask him for help? Don’t you have any idea who he’s doing all this for?” Philip retorted, his rage barely visible in his eyes.

Wynn was stunned. Of course, she knew why Juan cared for Mila so much. However, being exposed so directly by her husband hurt her pride. She accused, “What do you mean by this?”

Philip took a deep breath to calm his emotions. He had been arguing with Wynn a lot more recently. “Aren’t you leaving?” He moved the conversation back to Juan.

Juan snickered. He then picked up the money and left without saying more.

Wynn shot a furious glare at Philip before chasing after Juan. “Brother Juan, let me see you out!”

It was finally quiet.

Philip sat down beside Mila’s bed and watched his daughter sleeping soundly. He felt immense guilt.

“Mila, is it hard for you to be with Papa? But I’ll tell you what, from today onwards, you’ll be a little princess.” Philip stroked his daughter’s forehead gently with great affection in his eyes.

Just then, Wynn returned to the room. She asked coldly, “Where did you get the money from?”

Philip answered without ever looking up. “I borrowed it.”

“From who?”


Wynn breathed a sigh of relief. She had thought that he borrowed it from a loan shark. “You’ve already borrowed from him too many times. You can’t keep troubling him. Make sure to return it to him soon. I heard he’s getting married.”

“I know. I’ll return it to him as soon as I can.” Philip finally looked at Wynn.

This woman was really beautiful. Even with her brows pinched together, there was still a charm to her. It was just a pity she did not know that her good-for-nothing husband, who had collapsed after one setback, was now the heir to the world’s wealthiest family. He could now summon clouds and rain with just a nod of his head.

Wynn’s gaze gradually fell darker. She looked at her daughter lying on the sickbed and said, “Philip, you managed to borrow money this time, but what about the next? Will you have to borrow money every time Mila gets hospitalized?”

The old Philip had been vigorous and spirited back then. It was also the reason why she fell for him. But after he had failed in his startup, Philip could not pick himself up again, and he became more and more wretched.

Philip was slightly irritated. “I know what to do.”

Wynn kept quiet for a moment before continuing to say, “Philip, even if it’s not for yourself, think of it as doing something for Mila. Come with me to my father’s birthday this weekend. Apologize to my parents.”

Philip kept quiet, only clenching his fists. Seeing him unwilling to say anything, Wynn grew more annoyed. She stomped her foot, took her bag, and scolded him, “Then, just keep being this wretched for the rest of your life!”

After watching Wynn stomp out of the room in anger, Philip finally let out a helpless sigh. Life without money and prestige sucked. Would his father-in-law ever approve of him?

In the afternoon, Philip had some urgent matters to take care of, so he got the nurse to look after Mila. Wynn was busy with work, so she was already back at her office.

Philip got onto his scooter, refreshed his delivery list to start working again. He received a delivery task at Intercontinental Hotel. The people who could afford a room here were mostly rich.

Upon reaching suite room number 8808, Philip knocked on the door. “Hello, your delivery is here.”

Following a click, the door was opened, and a fit woman came into view. She was wearing a crop top with spaghetti straps and black shorts. There was a tattoo of a rose on her thigh, and her hair was disheveled, her make up exquisite.

“Hello, your…” Philip handed her the delivery with a bright smile before stopping halfway. “Ruby… Ruby Ford?”


The girl standing in front of him was Howard’s girlfriend, Ruby Ford. She was staring at Philip with a surprised expression as suspicion and anger flashed in her eyes.

“Ruru, are you done? I can’t wait any longer! You have even brought bunny ears today, hehe…” Coming from within the room was the revolting voice of a middle-aged man.

Ruby shot Philip a glare, snatched the delivery from him, and slammed the door shut.

Philip stood dumbfounded outside the door for a long time before he regained his senses.

Shit! Why is Ruby here? She’s even in a room with another man! Should I tell Howie?

Half an hour later, Philip met Ruby at the lounge downstairs. The latter had put on a black trench coat and trotted over in her high heels before sitting on the opposite of Philip. She took out three hundred dollars from her purse and placed it on the coffee table, saying coldly, “This is for you.”

Philip stared at the three hundred and snorted. “Is this a bribe?”

Ruby frowned and dug out another two hundred to toss onto the table. “Five hundred! Is that enough? This is worth two days of your salary.”

Well, that escalated quickly!

Philip stood up, looking furious and said through gritted teeth, “Ruby, how could you do this to Howie! He has worked so hard for you, and you two were going to get married by the end of the year!”

“So what? Who says I will marry him?” Ruby snorted and lit a ladies’ cigarette, saying nonchalantly, “Philip, why don’t you just mind your own business. You keep coming to borrow money from Howie, and that’s starting to irritate me.

“You’re a man, don’t you have any sense of shame? It’s no wonder your wife wants to divorce you, trash!” Ruby then stood up and crossed her arms, staring proudly at Philip. “Don’t say a word about what happened today, or I’ll get someone to break your leg.” After that, Ruby went over to the plump middle-aged man who was waiting aside, and both of them left the hotel, arm in arm.

Philip clenched his fists tightly. After he took the money on the table, he left the hotel and made a mental note to tell Howie about it.

Just then, Philip’s phone rang. A glance at the caller ID showed that it was a call from his manager, Wilson Young.

The moment he answered the call, a thundering rage exploded from the other end. “Philip, what the f*ck are you doing?! I’ve received more than ten complaint phone calls! Were you delivering to Mars? Come straight back after your delivery, then pack up and get lost!”

Wilson was going insane with anger. In just half an hour, he had received more than ten complaint phone calls about Philip. It was driving him crazy! Was this trash trying to work at all?

“Mr. Young, you can stop scolding me because I f*cking quit! I just fired you!”

“Say what? Philip Clar-…”

Philip hung up.

To begin with, he was already mad, and now a mere manager was scolding him to boot. Life had forced him to tolerate it all back then, but things were different now. He had been made to inherit his family fortune and was now the heir of the world’s biggest consortium, so how could he let just anybody berate him so simply?

Philip dug out his phone and called George. “George, I want to repurchase my company, can I?”

George answered, “Young Master, that company was originally founded by you, but you ended up selling it due to bankruptcy. If you want to repurchase it, just say the word.”

Philip said calmly, “Okay. In ten minutes, I want to become its owner!”

Two minutes later, George sent Philip a short message: Young Master. It’s done. You are now the owner of Gopher Delivery Services.

Philip nodded. George was very efficient.

Philip got onto his scooter and went straight to the office. Wilson Young, wait for daddy! Just wait and see how I’ll skin you alive!

Gopher Delivery Services was the company Philip had founded. However, due to poor management, he went into bankruptcy and had to sell it off. Overnight, Philip had turned from a boss to a lowly staff. He lost all his glamour and was left with only endless mockery and cold reception.

At Gopher Deliver Services Limited Liability Company, Wilson Young stared at his phone in the lounge, throwing a fit of rage.

“Shit! This Philip is just looking for trouble! Just because I can’t fire you, who are you to speak that way to me?”

The several staff members standing aside were all shrinking their necks, afraid of getting caught in the fire.

Just then, the main door of the company was pushed open, and a middle-aged man walked in. Upon seeing the man, Wilson instantly put on a flattering smile. “Boss, why didn’t you tell us you were coming? I could have gone to welcome you.”

It was the company’s owner, Kevin Tank.

Mr. Tank glanced at him before saying, “Everyone, prepare yourselves to welcome the new owner.”

Wilson was stunned. “The new owner?”

Mr. Tank said, “Someone has spent ten million to buy this company.”

Wilson asked cautiously, “Who is this new owner? Should we prepare something?”

Mr. Tank frowned and answered, “I’m not familiar with the new owner, so everyone, be on your toes later.”

After that, the staff followed Mr. Tank to standby at the main entrance of the company. Wilson was instead showing off his authority by saying, “Everyone, keep your spirits up! The new owner will be here soon. If you perform nicely, you might even get a raise or a promotion! This is about you and your wallets!”

“What a scoundrel, only knowing how to kiss up!”

“He must mean ‘this is about him.’ What bootlicker!”

A few staff were gossiping quietly. This was not the first time they felt contempt for Wilson Young. The man was just like them before, a mere delivery staff. But he was such a shameless bootlicker that he had ended up securing a manager position only by sucking up to the higher management.

Just then, a black Bentley stopped steadily in front of the company’s entrance. After some thought, George had decided to come and take a look at the company in person, thinking that he could be of help to the young master. If it could put the young master in a good mood, the young man might even make a trip home.

Wilson was standing behind Mr. Tank, rubbing his hands in anticipation. “He’s here! He’s here.” He knew that the arrival of the new owner meant the arrival of his opportunity to show his performance!

Just then, Philip, too, arrived and stopped his scooter right in front of the Bentley.

The moment he saw Philip, Wilson’s whole body trembled with rage. He pointed at Philip and yelled, “Philip Clarke, why are you here? Hurry up and get out of the way!”
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