Chapter 4

Wilson was now boiling with anger! That madman blocked the new boss’ Bentley! Was he looking for trouble?

“Philip Clarke, what are you still standing there for? Get out of the way!” Wilson pointed at Philip and barked at him.

Philip had only just parked his scooter when he received another round of scolding from Wilson.

“Oh no! Philip’s done for this time. Brother Wil’s going to have a fit.”

“Ten complaint calls, and this crazy guy still has the guts to come back!”

“This will cost at least two hundred in deductions, that’s a day’s work!”

A few staff were gossiping quietly, and some others were enjoying the show. Among them were some old staff who used to work for Philip. When they saw the man reduced to the point of having to become a delivery man just like them, they started becoming more mean toward him. Philip was already used to it.

Just then, Mr. Tanks glanced at Philip coldly. He looked annoyed and asked, “Manager Young, is this your staff?”

Wilson quickly answered heavy sarcasm in his tone, “Boss, you don’t come here often, so I forgot to introduce you. This is Philip Clarke, our company’s ex-owner. He’s now just a lowly delivery man here.”

Wilson deliberately emphasized the word ‘ex-owner’ as he said it with thick mockery. Oh, Philip, you’ll be getting what you deserve thanks to karma, hahaha!

Mr. Tanks’ expression darkened. He frowned and said, “Clear out that good-for-nothing so we can welcome the new owner.” He finally remembered Philip, the sad young man who had sold him this company years ago. Unfortunately, Mr. Tanks had great wits but a short memory, so a man like Philip who was on the lower level in society never left too much of an impression.

Mr. Tanks then straightened up his suit and moved toward the Bentley with a massive smile.

Upon receiving the order, Wilson immediately assumed authority and pointed cheekily at Philip. “Philip, pack your bags and go!”

Philip rolled his eyes and stared at Wilson like an idiot before spitting a single word, “Lunatic.”

Everyone present had heard his response, and their expression turned odd.

Wilson immediately flared up. His finger was so close to poking Philip’s nose as he bellowed, “F*ck! Try saying that again!”

Philip then let out a cold laugh. “As you wish then, you lunatic! Your whole family is crazy!”

“You’re a dead man, Philip! You are now fired, and you need to reimburse the company for the losses you have made!” Wilson said through gritted teeth as he glared at Philip with widened eyes.

This man doesn’t know his place! He should be reminded that he’s no longer the boss of Gopher Delivery Services, but he’s so arrogant! Just wait and see how I’ll deal with you later!

Suddenly, the Bentley’s door opened, and an elderly man with a walking stick came out with a furious expression. “Who dares to fire him?!” The elderly man then walked past Kevin Tanks, who had come to receive him with a smile on his face, and to everyone’s surprise, stopped in front of Philip.

He straightened up, bent over slightly, and lowered his head. His actions were fluid, showing great respect. “Young Master, sorry I was late,” said the old man. His voice was not loud, but it sounded like a pin dropping in the silence.

Young Master? Everyone was stunned! Had Philip Clarke suddenly become a young master? What was going on?

Kevin Tanks was dumbstruck as the smile on his face stiffened.

Wilson instead was so shocked that he let out a huge laugh. “Old Mister, are you our new owner? You can stop joking around. This Philip is the lowest level of staff in our company, so you must be mistaken!”

George merely glanced at him coldly, thinking, how could an ordinary fellow like him understand his young master’s greatness?

Kevin frowned slightly and jogged over before ardently saying, “President Thomas, please don’t joke with us like that. Come, let’s talk inside.”

Kevin Tanks was an entrepreneur, so he could recognize George Thomas. The man was the president of Apex Group! An overpowering figure in Riverdale City!

However, George remained rooted to the spot, glaring coldly at Kevin and Wilson with a dark expression. “Who’s joking with you? This is your company’s new owner!”

How was that possible? The new owner was Philip? Wilson did not believe it, and neither could Kevin.

“Brother Will, didn’t you just say that you want to fire me?” Philip looked at Wilson, trying not to smile.

“Philip! Are you asking for trouble? Don’t call me ‘Brother Will’!” Wilson roared. He hated that nickname.

“You better scram now and reimburse the company’s loss! That’ll be ten thousand!” Wilson smiled sardonically. Hah! How could Philip be the new owner of the company? With the likes of him? Don’t make me laugh.

Philip, however, was still staring at Wilson, trying not to laugh.

“What are you staring at? Hand out the money now!” Wilson sneered.

“What’s wrong with me staring?” Philip smiled.

“You’re just looking for trouble, aren’t you? I’d just be doing you a favor if I didn’t fire you for what you have just said.” Wilson stood his ground, snickering. He was the company’s manager, so he naturally had the authority to fire a staff below him.

“Then, I’ll tell you what, Wilson. I’m firing you now, so you can beat it.” Philip leaned against his scooter with his hands stuffed in this pocket as he said nonchalantly.

This Wilson Young was an idiot. He still could not figure things out at this point, but Kevin Tanks, who had been standing on the side, had finally come to a realization!

Shit! Philip is the company’s new owner! At this thought, cold sweat started to form on Kevin’s forehead as he looked away, reluctant to face this scene. He wanted to strangle Wilson.

“What did you say? You fire me?” Wilson laughed with a twisted expression. Did this Philip hit his head somewhere to be able to spout such nonsense?

At that moment, George, who had been standing beside Philip, shot Wilson a cold glance. “If our young master says to fire you, you’re fired!” George’s expression was dark. To think that someone would have the audacity to humiliate their young master, what a fool!

Wilson then realized that his new boss was standing right in front of him. But before he could react, Kevin had thrown a tight slap across his face and roared, “Wilson Young, get lost this instant! You’re fired!”

This Wilson Young was an idiot! Kevin wondered how he had believed this man and had even promoted him to a manager position in the first place.

“Boss, what do you mean by this?” Wilson held a hand to his cheek, staring at Kevin in disbelief.

“What I mean is that Philip Clarke is the new owner, and since he says you’re fired, you’re fired!”

Everyone was stunned at Kevin’s words!

Wilson’s whole body was trembling as he shouted, “Impossible! He’s already bankrupt, so how could a broke man like him be the new owner?”

Kevin frowned. “He’s not as simple as you think he is!”

Wilson turned to look at Philip, his expression faltering. He finally realized that the old man standing in front of Philip was President Thomas of Apex Group! A rich man worth billions and the wealthiest man of Riverdale City! And if he addressed Philip as his young master, then…

“Wilson Young, from now onwards, you’re fired. Beat it!” Philip straightened himself up. After he spoke, Wilson stood rooted to his spot, dumbstruck.

Weren’t you just enjoying yourself scolding me earlier? You were even trying to fire me. But, too bad for you, I’m the new owner here. If I want you gone, you’re gone!

There was a loud thud. Wilson fell to his knees and clung onto Philip’s leg. “Mr. Clarke, I was too blind to recognize you for who you were. I was too full of myself. Please don’t fire me. Seeing that we used to be colleagues, please let me stay in the company. I’m willing even to make deliveries!”

Philip snorted. “Now you know that you’re at fault. But, would you have forgiven me if this didn’t happen? Your wrongdoings will only bring about self-destruction!” Philip had pushed Wilson over a cliff with just a few words. After that, he turned to look at the company’s staff and said, “I know that a lot of you had looked down on me when I was in my darkest moments, but that’s okay. From today on, all of your salaries will be doubled!”

In an instant, the staff all went into an uproar! Double pay!

“Mr. Clarke is awesome!”

“I love you, Mr. Clarke!”

Philip then looked at a beautiful woman standing at the back of the crowd and announced, “One more thing, Wilson’s manager position will be replaced by Miss Agnes Summer.”


The crowd turned their heads back to look at Agnes, a woman dressed in a black uniform skirt set that accentuated her perfect figure.

Agnes stared at Philip in surprise, unable to catch her breath until Philip was about to leave. Seeing as he was about to disappear into the Bentley, a peculiar emotion sparked in her eyes. Agnes ran to the car and stopped right in front of the car window, her chest almost falling out. She pursed her lips then said, “Philip… No, Mr. Clarke, are you promoting me to become a manager?”

Philip’s eyes indistinctly stole a glance at Agnes’ fair bosom, then he smiled and asked, “Sister Agnes, what’s wrong? Don’t you believe in your abilities?”

This woman, Agnes Summer, was sensible, had a great figure, and was beautiful. She had been working under Philip before this, so promoting her now was not unexpected. This was the privilege of being the boss.

“I… I’m just afraid I might not be good enough.” Agnes sounded conflicted. She had never imagined that Philip would become the new owner so suddenly. Although he was already the owner before this, the company was tiny, with only a few staff. The company’s turnover had now exceeded five million every year! That must mean that Philip had spent billions on buying over the company today!

“Relax, Sister Agnes, take your time to get used to things, and don’t worry.” Philip smiled, and that served as a tranquilizer for Agnes.

As she watched Philip leave in the Bentley, Agnes pursed her red lips as she pondered. Just who exactly is he? Why did he have to act poor if he was so rich in the first place?

Inside the Bentley.

“Young Master, there is an investment project tomorrow, and you have to meet the other company’s boss.” A smile appeared on George’s wrinkled face.

“I’m not going,” answered Philip crisply. He did not want to care about any of this. I was forced to inherit the family wealth, so don’t even think about asking me to go anywhere!

“Then, Young Master, please return that hundred thousand to me,” said George calmly.

Philip’s eyes widened in shock before finally answering, albeit reluctantly, “Fine, fine, fine! I’ll go, okay?”

To think that the heir of a wealthy family like me has to bend over backward for a hundred thousand! How sad! Sigh!

“Alright, Young Master. I will come and pick you up tomorrow.” George smiled.

As soon as he got out of the car, Philip heard a puzzled voice. “Philip? Why are you here?”

Philip subconsciously turned to see Wynn with a confused expression as she stared at him with an odd gaze.

Philip panicked internally. Oh no! Wynn is going to find out about my identity!
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